Secondary Maths Collection 14 - World Pi Day

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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

As all good/nerdy maths teachers know, March 14th is World Pi Day - 3.14… get it? :-) Now whilst that fact in itself would probably be enough to justify a collection of Pi and Circle related resources, the fact is that Pi is such an interesting and amazing number that it is something of a crime that more students don’t appreciate it. Pi is usually the first irrational number children encounter, it has been studied and calculated for thousands of years, and it has a habit of popping up in the most unexpected of places. Hopefully this bundle of resources will get your students thinking more about this strange, fascinating number and maybe also stop them muddling up the formula for the area of a circle. Now, was it diameter times pi, or do I need to square something?…

Top 10 Resources:

Area of a Circle Code Mystery

  • A fun circle and pi mystery involving the use of a wide variety of codes. Quite tricky this one… for me, anyway!

Pi Number Search

  • A simple, but very nice worksheet which challenges students to solve 6 questions and then find the solutions within the digits of Pi. Like a word search… but better!

Partly Circles

  • A challenging and probing puzzle about circles from the wonderful NRICH.

Estimation of Pi

  • One for the older students here. A really nice Java applet which uses random data points to estimate the value of Pi.

Pi to One Million Places

  • Do you want to know what Pi is to 1 million decimal places?… Well here you go then!

Autograph Team - Euler’s 9 Point Circle

  • Okay, not strictly Pi related, but it’s good stuff! Learn how to construct Euler’s 9 point circle on Autograph, which gives you a great basis for tackling a whole host of interesting problems that result from it.

How Normal is Pi Investigation

  • A nice, simple investigation into how the digits of pi behave. Good link to probability as well!

Pi Dingbats

  • I love Dingbat puzzles. I love Pi. You could say this is the perfect resource for me.

Circumference and Area of Circles Game

  • A good way of spicing up the consolidation work needed to ensure that students can work out circumferences and areas of circles.

Pi Rap

  • I couldn’t end this Collection any other way. It’s a classic - it’s the Pi Rap!

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