Secondary Maths Collection 6 - "Transformations"

Secondary Maths Collection 6 - “Transformations”

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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

Transformations is an extremely visual and hands on topic that many students find difficult. Constant practice is obviously vital to success, but perhaps more important is instilling a deeper understanding about each of the four types of transformation. This only really comes about by meeting transformations in unfamiliar contexts and giving the students the opportunity to experiment, make mistakes, and then learn from them. Hopefully this bundle of resources will help make that impossible sounding job a little easier

Top 10 Resources:

Autograph Video 6 - Combined Transformations

  • The sixth video in Mr Barton’s Autograph tutorial series. This time we look at how we can use Autograph to combine all four types of Transformations, and there is even a little puzzle for you to have a think about!

Transformations (MEP - Year 9 - Unit 7)

  • An entire unit of work on Transformations, including some really good hand-on activities for the students to try. Excellent.

Transformations Treasure Hunt

  • A lovely activity where students’ knowledge of transformations is put to the test as they hunt for the missing treasure. Excellent!

From Good to Outstanding - Simon Brilliant Revisit

  • A really good video that shows how a teacher can put together and deliver an outstanding lesson on shapes.

Enlarge Homer Simpson

  • A really nice activity to introduce students to the concept of Enlargements, which is a topic that they seem to find notoriously tricky.

Collective Memory - Transformations

  • A Collective Memory activity that could be used to introduce transformations to a class for the first time. It focuses on the visual elements of the topic and should help stimulate good classroom discussion.

Vector Snakes and Ladders

  • A fun activity for students to practice the use of vector notation to describe translations.

Transformations on Autograph

  • Two resources for Transformations using Autograph. The first is a lesson which should take place in a computer room with one or two students to each computer. The second resource is a quick guide about how to carry out each of the four types of which can be used by students or teachers.

Transformations Assessment Investigation

  • A really good rich task that encourages students to investigate what happens when you perform two successive reflections on a shape.

Functional maths task to identify and design company logos

  • Should (hopefully) help answer the eternal question of “sir, when will we actually ever use this in our lives?” A lovely resource.

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