Secondary Maths Collection 8 - "Maths at Christmas"

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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

It that most wonderful time of the year - the countdown the Christmas. For many students the request for a “fun lesson” starts around mid November, and far from being a relaxing wind-down to the winter break, those last few days of terms can turn out to be like one of Scrooge’s nightmares. Hopefully this bundle of fun, festive resources will not only keep your students happy, but it will also keep them doing useful maths. And fingers crossed, they may also help keep you sane in the mean time. Merry Christmas!

Top 10 Resources:

Christmas Maths Quiz

  • Santa is making his annual trip around the world, but before he can finish for the night, there are five mathematical questions that need answering!

Christmas Countdown

  • An ingenious twist on the traditional advent calendar. This goes down a treat with pupils.

Santa’s Reindeers

  • A pretty challenging logic puzzle which relies on sound knowledge of number properties in order to correctly identify the name of Santa’s Reindeers. Thankfully (for me!) answers are provided.

Christmas Curve Stitching

  • Student love doing a bit of curve stitching, and this set has a lovely festive theme. The brave among you can opt for the needle and thread, but I am sticking with a pencil and a ruler!

Autograph Video 8 - Christmas Special

  • A festive Autograph video. Can your students create their own Christmas themed objects using Autograph’s 3D engine? Younger students may also like to make season objects in the world of 2D.

Light the Trees

  • A really clever use of Excel in which students must correctly work out the answer to sums, and if they get them all right then the star on the top of the Christmas tree lights up!

Christmas Problem Solving

  • The classic “crossing the river” problem has been reworked, but with a festive twist!

10 Ticks Christmas Maths Worksheets

  • Once a year 10 Ticks gives away some Christmas themed activities. Get in while you can!

Christmas Gift Nets Worksheet

  • : Student are given pictures of gifts of various shapes and sizes and challenged to draw the net that would wrap them up perfectly. A nice activity with lots of potential to get the paper, scissors and Sellotape out!

Christmas Co-ordinate Worksheet

  • Co-ordinate puzzles with a Christmas theme. Simple, but effective!

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