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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

Colin Hegarty and Brian Arnold are two teachers who are firm believers in the use of videos to support learning. Recently they have been experimenting with the concept of the “flipped classroom”, whereby routine skills and information for a particular topic are gained by the students at home watching a specially created video, and then precious lesson time is dedicated to assessing and extending these skills. It is an interesting model, often given a bad name in the UK through association with the heavily criticised Khan Academy, but one which I feel has a great deal of potential to both change and improve teaching and learning.

Colin and Brian have been kind enough to share some of their many video collections with TES. I hope that your students can benefit from these, and also you may be inspired to create your own videos using some of the excellent free screen capturing software that is out there. I have recorded a brief video demonstrating how you can use Jing to easily capture and create videos.

This particular collection is concerned with tackling the important statistics topics that appear at GCSE. Here are Colin and Brian to introduce it:

“These are a collection of tutorials to help students understand and revise the key topics in data and statistics for GCSE. They are particularly focused on AQA Unit 1 Higher exam but apply to all exam boards. Videos were used as homework, to recap ideas that were taught in class and during the revision phase.”

Data types

Collecting Data

Two-way tables

Grouping data



Mean, median and mode

Range and interquartile range

Range and averages from a table

Frequency diagrams and polygons

Stem and leaf diagrams

Cumulative frequency diagrams

Interpreting cumulative frequency diagrams

Drawing histograms

Interpreting histograms

Box and whisker plots

Comparing distributions

Probability (OR Law)

Conditional probability


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