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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

I am always amazed by how much Excel can do when placed in the right hands. There have been many times when I have seen a fancy piece of software running on an interactive whiteboard, inquired as to what it was, and been incredibly suspicious when told it was Excel (my level of expertise runs to typing in the odd Sum formula, or maybe an Average if I am feeling brave).

I first saw this collection of Excel resources by Tim Buckton at the 2011 TSM Conference, it went down a storm there and I knew it would go down a storm on TES. Thankfully Tim has kindly agreed to share his wonderful resources. Here he provides a brief introduction:

“I started to design these Interactive Excel Resources primarily to help my teaching of tricky basic concepts which my CD borderline students struggled to understand and needed a visual stimulus to assist their learning. I also wanted to create an endless bank of questions to assist with whole class explanations which could quickly be accessed along with detailed explanations of method and working, both randomly and at times controlled by my own input. My aim is to explain the tricky basic concepts with or without scaffolding displayed as the teacher sees fit. You will need to enable macros to run the sheets and I’ll also show a swf video of each file in use to show how they can be used. I use the resources either in whole class explanations, as quick starters, setting initial questions to ensure understanding, making a list of questions that I want students to attempt, with mini whiteboards for show me activities, I also take photos to make ActivExpression voting sessions and use for plenaries……………..adapt the resource to benefit your own teaching. Please feel free to contact me on Enjoy using them…I do”

Interactive Loop Cards

Interactive Addition on a Numberline

Interactive Subtraction on a Numberline

Interactive 2x1 Grid Multiplication

Interactive 2x2 Grid Multiplication

Interactive 3x2 Grid Multiplication

Interactive Division by Chunking

Interactive Add or Subtract Directed Numbers

Interactive Equivalent FDP Ordering

Interactive Ratio – Part of an Amount

Interactive Ratio Sharing Full Amount

Interactive Expanding Double Brackets

Interactive Factorising Quadratic Expressions

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