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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

When I demonstrate various resources during my visits to schools or at teacher workshops, one of the most popular types is always Maths Bingo. It seems that the game has a certain lure to students and teachers alike. I don’t know what it is about the game, but whether students are waiting for an answer of 46 degrees, or y = 7 to complete their full house, you can guarantee that they will be far more engaged than if attempting similar questions from a textbook.

There is already an outstanding Bingo Collection on PowerPoint here However, the more the merrier I say, and here, Laura Rees Hughes has created her own fantastic collection. And the beauty of both of these Collections is that you do not need to worry about printing out Bingo cards or any of that – students simply pick 9 numbers from the choice on the first slide, and away we go!

Laura explains why she loves these resources and how to use them:

“One starter or plenary guaranteed to get the students engaged is bingo! These games all use the same cards with numbers 1-25 on so you just have to print off one set of cards and laminate them. The questions come up first with the answer animated to come up after. I usually get the pupils to write their answers on the mini whiteboards before revealing which makes this the ideal activity to check understanding whilst keeping the students happy too. Alternatively you could use lollypop sticks to select the pupil to answer, or directed questioning. The games are really easy to adapt to almost any topic and any ability. The winner will expect a prize so I make sure I have some stickers at the ready! “

Enjoy these fantastic resources, and please also take a moment to visit Laura’s Maths Blog as it is excellent!


Adding and Subtracting (low ability) Bingo

Rounding with dp and sf Bingo

Simplifying Ratio Bingo

Powers and Roots Bingo

Negative Numbers Bingo

Simplifying Surds Bingo

Writing in Standard Form Bingo


nth Term Bingo

Finding the nth Term Bingo

Substituting into nth Terms Bingo

Straight Line Equation Bingo

Generating Co-ordinates from an Equation Bingo

Solving Quadratics (already factorised) Bingo

Shape and Measures

Shape Revision Bingo

Area and Perimeter Bingo

Area, Perimeter and Volume Bingo

Upper and Lower Bounds on Measures Bingo

Missing Angles in Lines Bingo


Interpreting Bar Charts Bingo

Interpreting Pie Charts (low ability) Bingo

Calculating Probability Bingo


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