Secondary Maths Collection - Summer Maths lessons

Collection Author: Craig Barton, TES Secondary Maths Adviser, and the TES Secondary Maths Panel Members

It’s that time of year again. Your exam classes have left, reports are written, parents evenings are over, and maybe (just maybe) you can start to relax a little and look forward to the promise of the long summer holiday. But before all of that, you still have some lessons to teach!

The following Collection of resources are designed to help you in these last few weeks of term. If you are up for trying something a bit different in your maths lessons – maybe a project, maybe a mystery – then hopefully you will find something to tickle your fancy in amongst these ten lovely resources. These should keep your students busy and smiling, and before you know it that final bell will ring and summer will begin!

Top 10 Resources:

Olympic Maths Mysteries

  • Our very own TES Maths Panel member, Laura Rees-Hughes, has written these three outstanding mysteries all based around the theme of the London 2012 Olympics. By tackling “Who are you backing?”, “How many hotels?” and “What is it worth?”, students will have loads of fun working together, trying to put the pieces of the puzzles in place, and learn a great deal of maths along the way!

Fun Maths Reward Quiz

  • No end of term would be complete without a quiz, and this one is a cut above the rest! There are videos, puzzles, anagrams and plenty of numeracy to keep your students busy and their brains ticking over.


  • One of TES’ all time most popular resources, and one that is absolutely perfect for this time of year. Show your students some maths magic tricks, get them to figure out how you have done it, and then get them trying some of their own. How about an end of term maths magic show?

Wolfram Alpha Tutorials

  • If your students haven’t been witness to the wonders of Wolfram Alpha yet, then now is the time! Try these tutorials out to get you started.

Shape Taboo!

  • A recent Resource of the Week – bring all the fun of the classic game “Taboo” into the maths classroom. Students must try to describe key mathematical concepts without saying any of the forbidden words. Once they mastered this, can they design their own?…

Gapminder World

  • A while ago I recorded a series of videos for TES about the simply phenomenal Gapminder World. Show your students a couple of these, and then challenge them to make their own video or presentation on a relationship that tghey find interesting. Lots of potential for cross-curricalr links to geography, history and ecomoncis to name but a few!

Maths Pub Quizzes

  • It’s Pub Quiz time (minus the alcohol, of course!). I’m always amazed by the amount of maths that students are willing to do on the final day if there’s a bit of competition and a chocolate prize involved.

Blockbusters Board

  • This is an elegant arithmetic game that will require students to practise quick-fire arithmetic as well as developing a longer term strategy. There is a risk of students reaching dangerous levels of concentration with this resource.

Property Tycoon

  • A lovely activity that challenges students’ numerical, spatial and communication skills. They must work together to purchase, plan and construct some of the world’s most famous buildings. Get those multi-link cubes out of the cupboard!

20 Maths Wordsearches

  • Finally, if all else fails, everyone loves a wordsearch, especially mathematical ones, and here are 20 of them! A really well produced resource that is just the trick in these last few lessons.

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