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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

I have uploaded around 450 Tarsia activities to TES that I have either created myself or which have been kindly donated to my website. It is a wonderful piece of free software that has the potential to be an incredibly powerful teaching and learning resource. Tarsia activities can consolidate understanding, unearth nasty misconceptions, be engaging and promote positive co-operative learning and group work in the classroom. They are flexible, can be edited to suit your needs, and I would argue that they could be used with all ages and abilities for most mathematics topics.

The Tarsia Introduction Collection provides information on how to download the software and offers suggestions for how the resources might be used in the classroom – including a few twists!

Below are some of my favourite Tarsia resources for aiding the teaching and learning of Algebra at Key Stage 3 and 4. I hope you enjoy them!

Linear – Expressions and Equations

Algebra Rules (simple)

Brackets and Equations

Collecting Like Terms

Equations, Inequalities & Simultaneous Equations

Expanding a Single Bracket

Factorising (simple)


Simple Equations

Simple Linear Functions

Simplifying Algebraic Indices

Simplifying Expressions (Grade D/E)

Solving Equations with Flow Chart

Solving Difficult Linear Equations

Solving Equations with x on both sides

Solving Equations

Solving Equations (level 6)

Solving Inequalities

Solving Steps (equations)

Quadratic – Expressions and Equations

Algebraic Fractions (easy)

Algebraic Fractions (hard – factorise)

Circle Equations

Completing the Square

Expanding Two Brackets

Quadratic Formula

Hard Quadratics (4x^2)

Formula and Substitution

Substitution (a = 5, b = -3, c = 2)

Changing the Subject


Functions and Graphs

Straight Line Graphs (with co-ordinates)

Equations of Straight Lines

Parallel Line Pairs

Perpendicular Lines


Nth term

Nth term including Quadratics

Number Sequences

Sequences (Level 6)

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