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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

Teachers TV was a fantastic resource. It was jam-packed full of videos of excellent teaching practice across all subjects, age ranges and ability levels, stimulating and engaging in-class resources, examples of maths in the real world, studies of how children learn and the most effective ways to address this, behaviour management issues and strategies, and much, much more!

The bad news is that in the midst of all the budget cuts, funding for Teachers TV was removed, and the website closed. The good news is that TES now hosts 3500 Teachers TV videos, so they are available to watch again, completely free.

Due to rights issues, not all of the videos are here – most notably the Maths for Real series, featuring a young Ben Shepherd has been withdrawn by Channel 4 – but there is enough quality to make this a quality set of resources.

Below I have assembled all the best Teachers TV videos that demonstrate excellent practice and ideas to help the teaching of maths. I hope you find them useful.

Hard to Teach Topics

Teachers attempt to find new ways to tackle some traditionally nasty topics to teach.

Quadratic Functions

Maths using ICT

Cross Curricular

A series of videos suggesting ideas for interesting cross curricular projects.

Space and Rocket Week

Baths, Bombs and Rockets

Out of the Classroom and into the Gallery

Where Maths Grows on Trees

From Good to Outstanding

A really interesting 30 minute video about a maths teacher trying to get their teaching from Good to Outstanding.

Lisa Essop: Angles

Departmental Issues

Some videos focusing on specific maths departments and the strategies they have used.

Mathematics for All: Enrichment Tasks

Creating the Right Atmosphere

To a “C” and Beyond e

Designing APP Assessment for Maths

Portraits of Progress - Back on Track: Key Stage 3 Maths


A few videos that may be of interest to HLTAs who specialise in teaching maths, or for any TA who wants to take a greater interest in the subject.

Secondary HLTAs Specialising in Maths

HLTAs: One to One Coaching

Other Maths Videos

The remainder of my favourite maths videos which didn’t quite fit into a series!

Game Playing to Teach Maths

Maths with Professor Chris Zeeman

Professional Knowledge: Maths

Making Yourself Heard

TES Secondary maths teaching resources