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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the TSM Workshop . Teachers and other professionals from the world of education travel the globe to attend. The event lasted for three days, from Tuesday 12th July until Thursday 14th July, 2011. Delegates had the opportunity to attend a whole range of practical, inspirational, hands-on workshops led by world renowned trainers. The hands-on workshops were on themes such as Autograph, Excel, Cabri and Tools for the Busy Teacher, and delegates were given plenty of time to try out ideas and develop their skills. Guest speakers this year included Adrian Oldknow and one half of the amazing Wolfram-Alpha team, Conrad Wolfram, and my Wednesday evening pub quiz was both rowdy and controversial (I still maintain that the majority of wheelbarrows have just one wheel).

In the midst of the workshop I presented a one hour session on “The Best of TES Resources”, which involved me picking out 10 of my favorite resources on TES, and also taking people on a tour of the Secondary Maths Collection page. The session was well attended from people for all corners of the globe, and seemed to go down well.

Below are links to the 10 resources that I picked out.

I hope you can make it to next year’s TSM, which might just have an Olympic Twist to it! Visit the website for more details:

CIMT – Construction Activities

  • The two Activities in the Loci and Construction section of the Year 9 MEP resources are nothing short of excellent.

ILIM – Interpreting Bar Charts, Pie Charts and Box and Whisker Diagrams

  • The Improving Learning in Mathematics resources are invaluable, and they are now all nicely organised on TES!

Gapminder Video 3 – Marriage and Children

  • I think this is my favourite of the Gapminder Videos. Just watch Algeria go!

RISP 9: A Circle Property

  • I absolutely adore the RISP resources – probably the best thing out there for challenging A Level students to think about of the box.

Algebra Bingo

  • Fantastc Bingo resources for consolidating understanding of Algebra and unearthing any nasty misconceptions

Collective Memory – Money (mistake)

  • I love Collective Memory resources, especially when they contain a deliberate mistake like this one!

Thinking Skills in Maths

  • A wonderful collection of thinking skills activities which are ideally suited to Year 7 and 8 pupils.


  • This remains one of my all time favourite TES resources for its flexibility and potential to deepen the understanding of the three different types of average.

Treasure Hunt GCSE – Target C

  • A brilliant resource for making last minutes GCSE revision both fun and effective.

Maths Rocket Project

  • Building rockets out of plastic bottles. Need I say anymore?