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World Maths Day 2012

Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

It all began on Tuesday 13th March, 2007. In 48 hours over 287,000 students from 98 countries took part to smash the world record and answer 38,904,275 questions correctly. I remember the day well. My Year 9 students were less than enthused when I told them that we were going to spend a lesson answering as many maths questions as they could on the computer. One hour later, even the most mathematically reluctant were demanding their log-in details so they could continue their international battles when they got home.

By 2011, the number of participates had increased to 5.5 million (quite a few of them being teachers, I do suspect!), from 235 countries. The phenomenon that is World Maths Day was truly established.

All of which brings us on to this year’s event, which takes place on 7th March, and promises to be bigger and better than ever. Registration is open now by visiting For a step-by-step guide to registering your students, then the blog run by TES’ very own Casy is a must-visit: World Maths Day registration

So, how best to prepare your students for World Maths Day? Well, the website itself (link: allows early registration so you can get a bit of extra practice in. There are other websites which offer similar games to World Maths Day all year round. The best of these are SumDog , Tutpup and Manga High . All of these are free and well worth a visit.

And, of course, TES can help as well! World Maths Day is all about speed, mental arithmetic, efficient methods of calculation and numeracy. Hopefully the following resources may come in handy in the build-up to this years’ event. And remember, a good resource is not just for World Maths Day, but for life!

Happy World Maths Day 2012!

Game 24 Starter

  • Mental arithmetic trying to make 24 (a little like in the countdown game but you must use all the numbers). Getting the students to pick their own 4 numbers could be the creation of a few more future starters.

Code Breaking – Mental Calculations

  • This is a really nice code breaking task with questions on mental calculations. The code reads ‘you don’t need a calculator’ once broken. This will be a great starter for any lesson but particularly when mental calculations will be required.

Tarsia – Times Tables Practice

  • A Tarsia activity all about times tables. You could add an extra challenging by editing the resource with the odd blank piece or deliberate mistake!

Number Bingo

  • A fantastic set of Bingo resources that cover all the basic numeracy requirements. Students tend to love a bit of competition!

Tarsia – Maths Facts

  • A challenging Tarsia activity that tests students’ knowledge of all things mathematical.

Number Types Treasure Hunt

  • Highest Common Factors and Lowest Common Multiples will never have generated so much excitement!

Angle Sums Starter

  • A simple and highly effective Excel worksheet for looking at number bonds to 90 and 180

Equivalent Fractions Starter

  • Equivalent fractions multiple choice starter perfect for KS3 groups, works well with mini whiteboards

Substituting into Expressions – Celebrity Top Trumps

  • Test your students’ ability to substitute both positive and negative numbers into algebraic expressions in the lovely game of Top Trumps

Interactive Starter

  • Two fantastic mixed question starter activities. An ideal powerpoint to be used as a revision quiz or just an activity to fill some time at the end of a lesson.

10 Number Starters

  • An excellent resource which challenges pupils to ‘find’ different types of numbers (primes, squares, multiples etc) amongst others. This would be ideal to use as a starter with pupils of all ability


  • A great pack of worksheets on a variety of topics. Well set out and ideal to hand out as a homework task

Multiplying Decimals Multiple Choice Starters

  • This is a nice simple starter or plenary on multiplying decimals, there are ten questions and students have to pick from four multiple choice options for each. You could get students to use mini whiteboards to display their answers, or use voting software if you have it.

Finding Fractions of an Amount Catchphrase

  • There may be no Mr Chips, but if your students want to figure out what is going on in the picture, then they better get working out some fractions of amounts.

Tarsia – Basic Mental Maths

  • Another Tarsia activity to check your pupils’ mental arithmetic skills are up to scratch!

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