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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

A few months ago a lady called Gill Hillitt sent me an email asking if I would be interested in sharing some of her Tarsia Jigsaws on my website. Always on the look-out for a freebie, I of course gladly accepted. It was only when the bundle came through that I released the breadth, depth and quality of Gill’s work.

Unlike many Tarsia activities, Gill’s are not simply textbook questions copied and pasted into the software. Her questions are carefully thought out, designed to consolidate her students’ understanding of a topic, but also identify and weed out any nasty misconceptions. She makes excellent use of supplementary worksheets and information to add a greater depth to the jigsaw activity, which is something I had never seen before. Best of all, the majority of Gill’s activities are written for A Level, which tends to be an area of maths teaching that is lacking in quality, free maths resources that really challenge the students.

Gill has also changed the way I use Tarsia, by offering up a few excellent tips to make the most out of the resource. Here are two from the lady herself:

(1) Go to the table view of the tarsia you want to use. Save it with a different file name, change to input view and delete all the answers. Save the changes. Now you can print a version for the students to use on which they can do all their working out and put away in their notes.

(2) If you want to laminate class sets (I usually do 12 per group) occasionally a tile gets dropped on the floor, and it’s difficult to know which set it belongs to. I have used excel to print different letters of the alphabet filling 12 A4 sheets, then when I print the tarsia using output, I use the bypass tray so that each set of tiles has a different letter on the back.

Gill has kindly allowed me to upload all of her excellent Tarsia activities to TES. The best of the ones for the Core 1 AS Module can be found below.


Simple Algebra

Algebraic Fractions

Factor and Remainder Theorem

The Remainder Theorem (to find a)

Factorising Linear Expressions (with supplementary sheet!)


Completing the Square

Completing the Square – finding vertex and y-intercept

Factorising Quadratics: x^2

Factorising Quadratics: ax^2

Factorising Quadratics (with supplementary sheet!)

Factorising Negative Quadratics: -x^2

Factorising Negative Quadratics: -ax^2

Quadratic Inequalities

Roots of Equations

Co-ordinate Geometry

Two Points, Find Distance

Two Points, Find Gradient

Two Points, Find Midpoint

Straight Line Graphs (introduction)

Straight Line Graphs (finding the intercepts)

Straight Line Graphs (rearranging)

Co-ordinate Geometry and Circles

Equations of Circles

Surds and Indices


Surds 1

Surds 2


Putting into a form to Differentiate


Core 1 Summary


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