Secondary Maths - Jeopardy

Collection Author: Craig Barton,TES Secondary Maths Adviser and creator of

I love it when a classic board game finds its way into the maths classroom. This year we have seen Maths Catchphrase, Maths Top Trumps and plenty of Maths Bingo And now we have… Maths Jeopardy!

This inspired collection of resources has been put together by Andrew Chambers They have gone down a storm with my pupils over the last few weeks, showing once again that there is nothing like a bit of competition to get kids enthused about their maths!

Here Andrew explains why he created the collection and how they work in the classroom.

“I find that the Maths Jeopardy lessons always work well - it is a great opportunity to have students working in teams - and with a few prizes you can generate some real enthusiasm. It works well as an end of unit or end of term revision lesson - with students arranged into small groups, given whiteboards and then competing against each other. All the GCSE Jeopardy Games use past paper questions - which are graded in difficulty (more points for more difficult questions). The final “challenge” section includes more fun questions - maths Dingbats and memory problems etc. You can customise this last section very easily - and I have uploaded a separate dingbats PowerPoint to help with this too.”

Thanks so much for sharing, Andrew, and I hope TES users get as much out of this collection as I have.

Key stage 3

Year 7 Easy General Revision

Year 7 Hard General Revision

Year 8 Easy General Revision

Year 9 Hard General Revision

KS3 - Fractions, Decimals, Percentages (Levels 5 and 6)

KS3 - Shape (Level 5 and 6)

KS3 – Algebra (Level 5 and 6)

Key stage 4

Topic: GCSE Number

Topic: GCSE Algebra 1

Topic: GCSE Algebra 2 e

Topic: GCSE Stats and Probability

Topic GCSE Trig/Shape

Topic: GCSE Geometry

Topic: GCSE sets functions vectors

Topic IGCSE Matrices


Mathematics Dingbats

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