Secondary Maths resources collections

These collections for secondary maths teachers have been compiled by Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name:mrbartonmaths)

All classroom resource collections

Topic Specials

Topic Special: A Level Applied

Topic Special: A Level Core

Topic Special: Algebra

Topic Special: Algebra: Quadratic Expressions and Graphs

Topic Special: Angles

Topic Special: Area and Volume

Topic Special: Construction and Loci

Topic Special: Forming and Manipulating Algebraic Expressions

Topic Special: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Topic Special: Place value, ordering and rounding

Topic Special: Probability

Topic Special: Pythagoras’ Theorem and Trigonometry

Topic Special: Statistical Diagrams

Topic Special: Solving Linear Equations

Topic Special: Straight Line Graphs and Co-ordinates

Topic Special: Surds

Topic Special: Substituting into Expressions and Formulae

Topic Special: Multiplication and Division

Topic Special: Negative Numbers

Topic Special: Number Operations

Topic Special: Transformations

Revision Collections

GCSE revision

GCSE Revision Notes Collection 1 - Algebra

GCSE Revision Notes Collection 2 - Number

GCSE Revision Notes Collection 3 - Shape and Space

GCSE Revision Notes Collection 4 - Statistics and Probability

GCSE Revision Notes Collection 5 - Graphs

GCSE Revision Notes Collection 6 - Trigonometry

Brain-Cells GCSE Revision Resources

Mr Collins GCSE Table Sheets

TES Maths Videos


Brian and Colin’s Video Collections

Tim Buckton’s GCSE Video Solutions

Teachers TV Videos

Mr Barton’s Video Collections

Autograph Video Collections

Tarsia Resources

An Introduction to Tarsia

Gill Hillitt Tarsia Collection – Core 1

Gill Hillitt Tarsia Collection – Core 2

Gill Hillitt Tarsia Collection – Core 3

Gill Hillitt Tarsia Collection – Core 4

Alan Catley’s Tarsia Collection

Chuckieirish’s Tarsia Collection

Laura Rees Hughes’ Tarsia Collection

Tarsia – Number Resources

Tarsia - Algebra

National Strategies – Secondary Maths Collections

15 Problems to Develop Mathematical Processes & Applications

Improving Learning in Mathematics: Mostly Number

Improving Learning in Mathematics: Mostly Algebra

Improving Learning in Mathematics: Mostly Shape & Space

Improving Learning in Mathematics: Mostly Statistics

Improving Learning in Mathematics: Mostly Calculus

Improving Learning in Mathematics: Mechanics and Decision

ICT Supporting Mathematics: MPA

ICT Supporting Mathematics: Number

ICT Supporting Mathematics: Algebra

ICT Supporting Mathematics: Geometry & Measures

ICT Supporting Mathematics: Statistics

Algebra Study Units

Teaching Mental Mathematics

Assessing Pupil Progress (APP)

CPD Modules

Professional Development Materials

Improving Pupil and Parent Engagement

Key Processes

Mathematics Exemplification Examples

Planning Lessons and Schemes of Work

CIMT MEP Secondary Maths Resources

Overview of the CIMT MEP Resources

MEP Project Outline and Schemes of Work

MEP - Year 7

MEP - Year 8

MEP - Year 9


MEP – GCSE Entry Level

Rich Starting Points in A Level Mathematics

RISPs for A Level Maths – Core 1 and 2 Modules

RISPs for A Level Maths – Core 3 and 4 Modules

Making Statistics Vital – S1 Module

Making Statistics Vital – S2 Module

Maths Bingo Resources

Bingo on PowerPoint

More Maths Bingo on PowerPoint

Bingo on Excel

Collective Memories

Maths Collective memory

More Maths Collective memory

More Mathematics collections

End of Summer Term Maths Lessons

Maths - Jeopardy

York competition collection

MEI Use of ICT in A Level Maths

Maths CSI Collection

Maths Geogebra Investigations

TSM Workshop 2011

Interactive Excel Resources by Tim Buckton

Assessing Pupil Progress (APP) in Mathematics

Group Work in Mathematics

Maths Puzzles

Maths at Christmas

Maths Catchphrase

Maths Treasure Hunts

Back to School - Maths Resources

Maths STEM

Cross Curricular Maths

Projects and Investigations

World Pi Day

Gifted and Talented

The History of Maths

Maths Top Trumps

World Maths Day 2012

BETT 2011 - Maths resources - KS3

BETT 2011 - Maths resources - KS4

BETT 2011 - 15 of the Best


Secondary Maths teaching resources