Secondary Maths: Top 10 Maths Videos (2011/12)

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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

Videos are an incredibly versatile resource. They can be used as a visual stimulus within a lesson to provide engagement to students and support your teaching, to help train staff and students how to use a given piece of technology, used as a tool for students to learn at home in a flipped classroom environment, provide a quick overview of an amazing website, or even act as a substitute for a teacher in a cover lesson. Like any resource, there is a danger of overusing videos, by when used at appropriate times, they become an essential teaching and learning aid.

There have been some incredible video resources uploaded to TES over the last few years. Here is a selection of 10 of my favourites!

Top 10 Resources:

Gapminder Video 1 – Introduction

  • The first in the series of videos about Gapminder – probably the most amazing tool for teaching and engaging students in statistics that has ever been created. If you haven’t seen this yet, make sure you are sitting securely!

BBC Class Clips – The Monty Hall Problem

  • Let TES Partner BBC Class Clips take you through one of the most famous probability conundrums of all time

Interactive Division by Chunking

  • Let Mr Buckton guide you through the sometimes mind boggling process of division by chunking with this video accompanying his amazing interactive Excel resourcesn

Polygon Movie, Activity and Quiz

  • I thought I knew all there was to know about polygons… and then I saw this video! Fascinating stuff.

Surds Interactive Revision/Cover Video

  • Recording a quick video to be used when you are not in the lesson sure beats filling out cover forms, and is likely to be far more effective for your students. This video about surds is a fine example of that.

Key Stage 3 Maths: Scrapyard Maths

  • Teachers TV has always produced videos of the highest quality, and the series of Lesson Starters from which this video is taken are particularly impressive. Here we find ourselves looking for maths on a building site!

Ludwig Von Terrible Mission

  • You are a secret agent on a deadly mission. Can you crack the mathematical code, before it’s too late? Oh, and there are some lovely puppets to brief you on what is going on!

Introduction to Translations

  • What better way to introduce the concept of translations by using a cracking goal England scored in Euro 96!

Finding Fractions of Numbers

  • Quick fire, questions to help test and practise understanding of finding fractions of numbers

Mr Barton’s WebWhizz Video 21 – The Best of the Maths Blogs

  • Each week I record a short video where I take a tour of some of my favourite maths website. This one on maths blogs is my favourite – so many great ideas, resources and inspiration from teachers from all around the world!

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