Secondary Maths – Topic Special: Angles

Collection Author: Damian Watson, - Maths Secondary Panel

A variety of teaching and learning resources on Angles for different concepts. These are all fantastic resources which will appeal to students across all three secondary key stages.

Top 10 Resources:

Dinky King - parallel lines angles questions

  • Work out the missing angles for the computer programmer using everything you know about parallel lines and their angle properties.

Missing angles cartoon top trumps

  • Questions on calculating missing angles. Differentiated by colour, red being easier, orange being medium difficulty and green being more challenging. Starts with simple lines and round a point, moving up to triangles, quadrilaterals and parallel lines

Polygons and stars

  • This activity gets students to construct regular polygons and stars using protractor and ruler. It quickly moves onto a powerful online microworld to make the constructions. Students can then discover the rules for a) the sum of exterior angles of a regular polygon and b) the exterior angle of any regular polygon or star.

Estimating angle competition

  • A mini-whiteboard activity that is a favorite with students. Students have to estimate the size of the angle to the nearest 5 degrees. All the answers are multiples of 5. They have 30 seconds to estimate the size of the angle with the classic countdown tune playing in the background.

Stickman angles

  • Click the web link to download the worksheet for this brilliant measuring angles activity based on stickman drawings.

Multi-choice shapes

  • 10 Multiple Choice questions on shape topics. Ideal for starters to review learning or as quick AFL plenaries to assess understanding. Students will need a green, yellow and red card to hold up their answer.

Missing angles treasure hunt

  • Treasure Hunt activity on calculating missing angles. Differentiated with 2 levels. Low level involves only angles round a point, on a line or in a triangle; higher level uses parallel lines and generally harder questions.

Quiz trade KAGAN angles parallel lines

  • This quiz trade requires students to ask each other questions and then swap cards.

Investigating circle theorems with Geogebra

  • A set of dynamic web-pages and accompanying workbook to guide pupils through the various circle theorems. They can see and manipulate the visualisations and use them to deduce the theorems for themselves.

Autograph activity - cyclic quadrilateral

  • An Autograph Player activity to illustrate the Cyclic Quadrilateral circle theorem. You can use this activity on the interactive whiteboard, or for your students to investigate on their own.

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