Secondary Maths – Topic Special: Area and Volume

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Collection Author: Colm Lynch, - Maths Secondary Panel Member

The Area and Volume collection includes resources which provide high quality focussed questions or particularly unique tools to aid learners’ understanding. Area and Volume is not only a mainstay of GCSE/A level exams, but also applicable to real-life situations too.

Top 10 Resources:

Evaluating Statements about Length and Area

  • This is a fantastic group or paired activity which gets pupils thinking and talking about area and perimeter. The process of thinking about whether a statement is always/sometimes/never true can’t help but ensure sound understanding. There is also a set of cards which have hints on them to aid weaker students.

Volume and Surface Area of Cuboids

  • A superb visual tool to aid the teaching of surface area and volume of cuboids. The clarity and ease of use makes this not only learner but teacher friendly too.

Autograph Video – Volume of Revolution Intro

  • The perfect way to introduce volumes of revolution to pupils. This video is best used as a point of reference for the teacher, rather than the pupil, but provides more than enough ideas and pointers to help guide your teaching.

Volume Timed Powerpoints

  • A series of PowerPoint presentations which could be used as a starter (to recap) or plenary (to assess) on the volume of cuboids and triangular prisms.

Area, Perimeter, Volume (MEP – Year 9 – Unit 9)

  • A great unit of work from CIMT covering pretty much all aspects of area, perimeter and volume for groups up to and including Year 9 level. The wide range of exercises, activities and suggested teaching ideas provide a perfect platform to consolidate knowledge of this topic.

Area and Perimeter Follow Me Cards

  • A simple but effective classic. These could either be used as follow me cards or a card match in pairs. The difficulty of questions can be easily edited if required.

Autograph Video 46 - Integration Area Under Curve

  • This video provides a great help as to how to use Autograph to aid the teaching of area under a curve. This is particularly helpful when demonstrating and discussing the origins of Trapezium and Simpson’s Rule.

Finding the Volume of Cuboids - Catchphrase

  • Pupils are given volumes and have to come up with dimensions that would equal the given answers. This clearly requires thorough understanding and is sure to engage pupils as they want to be the first to answer Roy Walker’s classic.

Area (Millionaire)

Surface area of 3Dshapes & Prisms

  • Four Who Wants to be a Millionaire quizzes on the area of triangles, trapeziums and parallelograms as well as the surface area of 3-D shapes. The variety of questions, level of difficulty and of course the Chris Tarrant aspect mean this is a very useful resource which could be used as a plenary or even a revision activity when combined together.

Compound Area Dominoes

  • A card sorting activity which would be a pain to put together yourself; thank heavens for Mr Barton! There are 12 very different shapes which each require a range of area-finding skills. Again, this is a simple but hugely beneficial resource which pupils find easy to follow but challenges them at the same time.

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