Secondary Maths – Topic Special: Construction and Loci

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Collection Author: Sharon Derbyshire, - Maths Secondary Panel Member

The topic of construction and loci it is a great chance to get pupils involved in physical maths and present real life problems, such as finding the optimum location for given criteria. These resources not only introduce the concept of loci but also review the learning in a fun way.

Top 10 Resources:

Constructions and Loci Murder Mystery

  • Pupils must organise 18 clues and solve the murder using loci and construction skills. This activity requires pupils to use their thinking skills and decide on the best way to solve the mystery, helping them to develop their functional skills, as well as becoming more independent learners.

Loci Introduction- Using Skittles

  • A nice PowerPoint to introduce the concept of locus of a point using skittles (easily replaced with less exciting counters). Pupils develop the idea of given rules to follow.

Mr Reddy’s Geometry Toolbox

  • Mr Reddy’s Geometry Toolbox is a clean and easy to use online program with compass, protractor and all resources needed.

Constructions around London Underground

  • This activity is suitable for able pupils who need to use and apply the skills of constructing triangles and perpendicular bisectors in order to determine a journey taken on the London underground.

Construction and Loci- MEP- year 9- Unit 12

  • This is an extensive resource, which covers the topic with depth and challenge. There are a large number of worksheets which offer the extra practice your pupils require.

Draw me a Rocket

  • This web page can be printed or displayed. Pupils need to construct the rocket using just a pencil, ruler, compass and protractor. Nice activity for KS3.

Perpendicular from a point P to a line

  • This video can be displayed during class or placed on your school learning platform for pupils to follow at home.

Loci - Geogebra

  • This resource allows pupils to investigate different locus of points and draw conclusions. You can combine it with an online noticeboard such as Wallwisher, where pupils can post their conclusions.

Loci and Functional Skills

  • This is complete with a PowerPoint and a map onto which pupils can locate where each of the animals live.

When can we draw Congruent Triangles

  • A great resource in which pupils work to discover the SSS, SAS and ASA construction of triangles.

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