Secondary Maths – Topic Special: Straight Line Graphs and Co-ordinates

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Collection Author: Mark Quinn - Maths Secondary Panel Member

Straight Line Graphs and Co-ordinates is a topic that has really benefited from the use of ICT in the classroom. There are lots of resources currently available on the TES website for the teaching and learning of this topic. This collection compiles some of the very best to help you.

Top 10 Resources:

Autograph Video 25 - Straight Line Graphs

  • This video is part of a set. I was already a fan of graphical packages and have used Autograph more than any other. Use a whiteboard to demonstrate or, more ideally, investigate in an ICT room.

Naming Lines

  • This is a really simple excel worksheet that uses macros to generate a straight line for which you have to name the gradient and y-intercept. It is simple, but is a perfect starter or plenary resource. The equations only have integer values.

Straight Line Graphs

  • A PowerPoint that covers the whole topic of straight line graphs and co-ordinates. It has a topic page on the second slide with links to the related topics so if you just want to use part of this resource then it is easy to find.

Exploring Gradient in Google Earth and Autograph

  • This resource uses Google Earth to demonstrate the concept of gradients in Autograph.

Co-ordinate Mini Murder Mystery

  • An excellent and very imaginative way of presenting co-ordinates in one quadrant. This task would work brilliantly in pairs or larger groups. There is also a similar resource on straight lines if you like this idea.

Parallel lines

  • This webpage is a great alternative to a graphing package and is much easier to use. Start by investigating the impact of the gradient and y-intercept on the equation and then move onto parallel lines.

What’s Wrong with the Axes?

  • Great resource for introducing the concept of axis and all the potential mistakes students tend to make when asked to draw a set. This would make the perfect starter for a year 7 or 8 group studying co-ordinates or straight line graphs.

Tarsia - Simple Linear Functions 3

  • Students need to match the equation of the line with a table of values. This task does take a while to complete so bear that in mind when deciding how to use it.

y=mx+c card sort

  • Card sorting activity where students match a graph with the equation. This works well as either a starter or plenary depending on the ability or age of the group.

Straight Line Equation Bingo

  • Great activity for either a starter or a plenary. Students have to find the gradient or y-intercept of various equations where some need rearranging.

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