Secondary Maths – Topic Special: Substituting into Expressions and Formulae

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Collection Author: Laura Rees-Hughes - Maths Secondary Panel

Difficulties with substitution often come from a failure to grasp the fundamentals of BIDMAS and negative numbers. This collection of resources should help to overcome these basic problems while also providing materials for students working at a higher level.

Top 10 Resources:

BIDMAS Cartoon Top Trumps

  • Without a secure understanding of BIDMAS you really are fighting a losing battle when it comes to substitution, so these top trumps cards make an ideal starter to remind your students of the basics before embarking upon some substitution.

Negative number game (Boxes)

  • This is a great little game which gives students the chance to practise adding and subtracting negative numbers. An ideal starter in any lesson on substitution.

Substitution into simple expressions

  • A lovely, well presented PowerPoint which makes a nice simple lesson on substitution, complete with nice activities and resources.

Quiz Quiz Trade Substitution

  • A lovely activity to get students communicating and peer tutoring. Each student is given a ticket with a question on requiring them to substitute some values into an expression. Pupils pair up and quiz one another on their questions then trade tickets.

Substitution Board Game

  • This resource is a version of snakes and ladders. There are some great follow up questions to explore the answers, making this more or less a whole lesson. You could easily adapt the expressions on the game to suit the ability of your class.

Substituting into expressions Top Trumps

  • This top trumps activity is differentiated so students can select an appropriate level of difficulty. A great way to encourage students to consolidate the skill of substitution whilst having a bit of fun.

Substitution Bank of Algebra Code Breaker

  • A great worksheet on simple linear substitution. Pupils have to work out the questions in order to crack the code of who robbed the bank of Algebra. You could easily adapt the template for more able students by adding in some negative values and some powers.

Substituting into formula dominoes

  • This resource is a lovely little starter. Students have to substitute into some real-life formulae in order to match the dominoes. A great paired activity which could also be used as a plenary to check understanding.

Formulae MEP GCSE

  • This is a section of the textbook from CIMT on formulae; there are loads of fantastic resources listed here with lesson plans and great worksheets suitable for class and home.

Algebra CSI

  • A great lesson to round off a unit on algebra and substitution, students are given five pieces of evidence which need to be analysed by using substitution and algebraic manipulation. By doing this pupils can eliminate the suspects leaving them with the culprit. This will make a really engaging lesson which allows students the chance to explore and apply the Mathematics which they have learnt.

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