Sensory matters

Sensory play ideas

  • Lots of ideas for messy sensory play ideas,especially suitable for preschoolers and special needs. ibuzzybea

Multisensory experiences for pupils with PMLD

  • Sensory explorations of factual information covering Birds, Hinduism, Space, Newspapers, Japan and Sea. MummyHen

ICT for sensory or physical needs

  • Guide to ICT provision for pupils with sensory or physical needs. ICTfromBecta

Teaching the dyslexic child

  • Video showing how the use of multi-sensory teaching can help dyslexic children become independent learners and boost their self esteem. Teachers TV

Symbols for sensory work

  • A load of printable Symbols for Sensory Room items (e.g. Bubble tube) and activities. mrnick

Sheldon snail’s sunbathing session

  • A powerpoint presentation sensory story about Sheldon snail who goes sunbathing. NEN

I spy in the sensory box

  • Sample idea for using a sensory box. Nicely presented. lbrowne

Sensory recipes and activities

  • A collection of free recipes, activities and ideas suitable for classroom use. te4chr

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ art and craft ideas

  • Some nice ideas, clearly presented. Could be used with other books and topics too! michaella.t

Tactile awareness ideas

  • Messy play materials providing a wide range of tactile experiences. Easy to follow and clearly presented. ANDERSON31

Sensory processing: advice and support for primary

  • A range of structured, whole class multi-sensory experiences linked to a central theme. NEN

Carousel day for sensory development

Jessie’s flower

  • Symbols based Gingerbread recipe (widgit symbols) ideal for SEN food technology and early years. cw1983

A multi sensory approach

  • Video showing how one teacher bases her lessons around rhythm and music. Teachers TV