September assemblies

3 New beginnings

  • Inspire new starters with these stories of success.

4 Live life to the full

  • This video can be reused throughout the year and is a great resource for helping students understand what will make them happy and successful.

5 Attendance impact

  • These hard-hitting statistics show students the effect of regular truancy.

6 Building blocks to learning

  • Explain to your students what is needed for a positive school experience.

7 Grace Darling

  • Explore the story of this exceptional young girl - it is a lesson in bravery and kindness.

10 World First Aid Day

  • Saturday (8 September) was World First Aid Day; teach your students the basics of first aid with this practical assembly.

11 The world remembers

  • This photographic presentation introducing the significance of the 9/11 attacks is poignant and powerful.

12 What next?

  • The year may have just begun but for final year students it’s already time to start thinking about careers and Ucas; try this presentation to help them plan their future.

13 Roald Dahl

  • This Charlie and the Chocolate Factory class assembly is a great way to present pupils’ work and can provide inspiration for topic planning too. A lovely way to celebrate the author’s birthday.

14 Messiah

  • Handel finished his Messiah composition on this day in 1741. Explore the composer’s life and work with this presentation.

17 Rosh Hashanah

  • Explain and celebrate the Jewish new year with this assembly.

18 Sexual Health Awareness week

  • Get students talking about safe sex with this in-depth assembly from TrueTube covering topics from contraception to moral beliefs.

19 Talk Like a Pirate Day

  • Arr me hearties! Find out about the world’s most famous pirates as part of this swashbuckling assembly.

20 Francis Drake

  • The great English naval explorer arrived in Plymouth on this day in 1580 after sailing his Golden Hind to San Franciso Bay. Introduce students to his life with this presentation.

21 International Day of Peace

  • Use these practical activities from TrueTube to help pupils understand the importance of peace.

24 All the leaves are brown

  • Mark the first day of autumn with this evocative poem.

25 Harvest festival

  • This assebly script focuses on the ethics of the festivities using words that can be made from the letters of ‘harvest’.

26 Euro day of languages

  • Hallo, bonjour, cześć - celebrate the languages of Europe today. It’s a great way to encourage students to pick up a language.

27 Show and tell

  • Let pupils feel proud of their work with this showing assembly.

28 World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

  • Presentations and playscripts from MacmillanCancerSupport for a social gathering. Serve coffee, cakes and chatter while raising money and awareness for Cancer Research UK.


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