Sex and relationships collection

These resources cover a wide range of issues relating to sex education, sexual health, teenage pregnancy and relationships, as well as the problems faced in schools throughout the UK on tackling these subjects. There is a wide range of video resources from Teachers TV to help teachers prepare lessons on these topics, and excellent powerpoint material which can be adapted to suit a range of abilities.


Sex and Relationships: Videos from Teachers TV

Teenage Sexual Health

A video which approaches sex and health education in schools for secondary pupils.

Secondary PSHE - Sex

Teens discuss their opinions and attitudes towards sex and sex education.

Talking point – Sex education

A video which discusses the part schools play in teaching pupils and about sexual health and teenage pregnancy.

Sex and Relationship Education - Do’s and Don’ts

A video resource demonstrating the opinions of teachers and pupils on the best ways to approach SRE.

Pressured into Having Sex

A resource to be used in class discussions about being pressured into sex - suitable for KS3 and 4 PSHE.

Sex in the Classroom

Jonathon Dimbleby leads a debate about teen pregnancy in Britain and issues surrounding lack of adequate sex education.

Sex and Relationship Education - Tackling STIs

A lively and powerful lesson on the health risks of sex – useful for promoting classroom discussion.

Teenage Mothers

What is life really like for three teenage mothers-to-be? This video can be used as a starting point to an engaging class discussion.

KS3/4 PSHE - Teenage Dads

Following three young fathers in Sunderland, this programme looks at what is being done to help teenage fathers, often ignored in the issue of teenage pregnancy.

Secondary PSHE - Relationships

Teenagers discuss their own opinions about issues relating to marriage and divorce.

Teenage Love and Relationships

Resources to help pupils engage in discussions about the emotions of teenage relationships.

KS3/4 PSHE - What is Sexual Bullying?

Teenagers talk about sexual bullying in schools and what can be done to combat the issue.


More resources:

Videos: Young People’s experiences of sex

Short video clips (2-4 minutes) of young people discussing their experiences of sex and sexual health, as well as links to useful information ion the subject.

Same sex relationships

Resources to helps students consider their attitudes towards same sex relationships and support friends in diverse relationships.

Healthy and unhealthy relationships

An adaptable presentation on relationships which can be used to promote classroom discussion and debate about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Resources from National School Partnership based on the recent film adaptation of the teen novel, which can be useful when discussing topics relating to puberty, relationships and other related areas.


A presentation on the topic of conception which can be used to clarify the meaning of the process and promote classroom discussion.

Teenage Parents

A presentation which looks at famous parents which also raises some of the issues faced by teenage parents.

Sexual Health - transmission of an STI

Game and quiz highlighting the risks of STIs from unprotected sex.

Sexual Transmitted Infection Cards

A list of STI’s that could be used for displays or revision on sexual health and related topics.