Shrove Tuesday

Celebrate Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day) with our lovely collection of related resources, all shared by teachers, for teachers. If you’re giving up treats for Lent, Shrove Tuesday is the last chance to indulge yourself. Find out more with your pupils using our themed resources covering the origins of the day, cross-curricular activities and many more engaging ideas from pancake maths to pancake literature.

Pancake maths

Pancake Day maths

  • Students solve maths problems based around the ingredients and making of pancakes.

Pancake toppings

  • Differentiated numeracy activity where children choose toppings for their pancakes and calculate the total cost.

Grid method

  • This great idea tests the children’s grid method skills by using their existing knowledge to complete the recipe card.

Pancake Assemblies

Pancake Day assembly

  • An assembly for Shrove Tuesday including a pancake making contest, the story of lent and pancake flipping from TES partner TrueTube.

Assembly for Shrove Tuesday

  • A whole school assembly exploring the meaning of Lent and Pancake Day.

Origins of Lent

Lent and Shrove Tuesday

  • A simple and informative PowerPoint that explains the origins of Lent and Shrove Tuesday.

Into the wilderness

  • A PowerPoint that marks the start of Lent by going back to its origins, encouraging thoughts on our position in the world and other religions.

Pancake Games / Activities

Shrove Tuesday activities

  • A selection of activities including a cloze-procedure exercise, instruction ordering, pancake jigsaw and quiz.

Pancake Day resources

  • A selection of activities including rhymes, role play signs and playdough mats.

Pancake Day

  • Pupils read facts about Pancake Day and then use the writing frame to write down what they can remember.

Pancake Day Quiz

  • Answer questions about Shrove Tuesday, Lent, Ash Wednesday and Mardi Gras!

Pancake Day Crossword

  • Use the clues to solve this Pancake Day Crossword.

Pancake literature

The Thick Fat Pancake

  • Activities related to the story ‘The Thick Fat Pancake’.

The Big Pancake

  • An electronic version of the Big Pancake which can be used on the Interactive Whiteboard at story time.

Pancake Videos

Pancake Day in Germany

  • A BBC Class Clips video showing German children making pancakes, suitable for German classes but comes with English commentary too.

Designing Pancakes

Design a pancake

  • This artful activity encourages the design of a pancake, with a worksheet encouraging adjective use.


  • A PowerPoint containing information about how pancakes are served around the world as well as a recipe, equipment and method for making a pancake.

Pancake MFL

Les crêpes

  • A simple introduction to ingredients and fillings.


  • Introduce new vocabulary and use it in creative writing tasks.