Sign language for your classroom

Makaton and British sign language resources to help students with hearing impairment feel at ease in the classroom and help classmates communicate with them. Try these videos, games, guides and stories for signing classroom activities.

Makaton lesson and activities

  • A set of concise and clear resources Concise and clear resources.

Singing and signing

  • A video that gives advice on how to implement a sign language policy within your school.

Colour lotto with additional sign language

  • Colour Lotto for four pupils to print and laminate. Includes four base boards with six assorted colours on each, four sets of object cards (PCS Symbols) and four sets of sign language cards in corresponding colour.

Deaf friendly materials

  • A set of very useful guidance when working in mainstream settings to include deaf children effectively. Downloads include sign language images of school signs.

Number rap

  • A simple BBC Class Clips rap counting. As they rap, the backing singers sign the numbers in Makaton. At the end of the rap an animated Widgit symbol for ‘your turn’ appears on-screen, giving pupils the opportunity to join in.


  • Website including language programs for the interactive whiteboard, resource packs for classroom displays, ideas for promoting language awareness and lots more from Newbury Park.

‘TAs with talent’: Jane Brown

  • A great Teachers TV video to use with TAs, especially those working with children with special needs.

The wise man (bible story)

  • Story from the new testament with simple pictures, story line and accompanying signs.

Introduction to british sign language

  • Good starting point for those wishing to find out more regarding BSL.

What’s for dinner?

  • A small printable booklet showing sign language images of popular foods. Useful for announcing what is for lunch or discussing healthy eating.

BSL posters for classrooms

  • A nice selection of resources to support the use of sign language within the classroom and home.

Class signs

  • Signs for different areas of the classroom.

Goldilocks and the three bears

  • A simple version of the story with sound effects. Includes simple sentences in Comic Sans font with additional Sign Language images accompanying each sentence.