Sikhism teaching resources and lesson plans


Vaisakhi song

  • A fun song to learn how to celebrate Vaisakhi, complete with lyrics and audio accompaniment.

Countdown to Vaisakhi

  • A wide range of ideas and activities to inspire teaching in the run up to Vaisakhi, from mask-making to poetry writing!

Vaisakhi recipe: halwa

  • Follow this recipe to make a sweet, traditional treat to celebrate Vaisakhi. The guide contains photos, an ingredient list and simple instructions.


  • Find out about Baisakhi with this website detailing the origins, traditions and symbolism of the festival. Also includes ideas for games and activities relating to Baisakhi.

Vaisakhi playscripts

  • Create an assembly with these scripts on the Vaisakhi story. Can also be used as part of an RE, literacy or drama task.

Vaisakhi assembly

  • An assembly plan with accompanying video on Vaisakhi from TES partner TrueTube.

Explanation of Kanda and Khalsa

  • Find out about these important Sikh elements and how they relate to Vaisakhi.

Sikhism – The 10 Gurus

  • Learn more about the lives of the ten Gurus and why they are important to Sikhism.

Baisakhi story

  • An illustrated guide showing the Baisakhi story.

Sikhism fact sheet

  • Use this fact sheet to get an overview of Sikh festivals, symbolism and traditions.

Sikhism keywords dominoes

  • Try this fun and adaptable game to revise important keywords on Sikhism.

Sikh beliefs: festivals

  • Use these documents as a starting point when planning lessons on Sikh festivals. Contains ideas for activities and learning objectives.

Sikhism and symbols

  • A detailed presentation on the symbols associated with Sikhism and their meanings.

The story of the Khalsa

  • Questions, activities and lesson plans on the story of the Khalsa.

Sikhism key words display

  • These posters are ideal for a classroom display or as flashcards.

Indian style buffet

  • Follow these simple instructions to create a healthy and tasty Indian style buffet.

A Sikh journey to commitment

  • A Sikh man discusses the conflict between contemporary youth culture and religious commitment in this BBC class clips video.

Guru Gobind Singh

  • Find out more about the life and works of Guru Gobind Singh.

The Five Ks of Sikhism video

  • This clip includes a cartoon of Guru Gobind Singh and how his actions exemplified the meaning of the five Ks.

Sikhism – symbolism

  • The symbolism in Sikhism explained in a clear and informative PowerPoint presentation.