St. Patrick’s Day teaching resources

St. Patrick’s Day (17 March) celebrates the patron saint of Ireland as well as Irish culture with a feast, music, dancing and all things green. Find out about the legend of Saint Patrick and discover Gaelic culture in Ireland and around the world with our collection of resources including lesson plans, assemblies and activities to commemorate this day.


Story of St Patrick

  • The tale of how St Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland.

St Patrick’s day over 21 great things to do

  • A slideshow brimming with ideas on how to get everyone involved in this iconic celebration.

Famous Irish people and quotes

  • Great starting point for a discussion on the Emerald Isle and her most feted progeny.

Did St Patrick really do that?

  • Test pupils’ knowledge of the Gaelic saint in an assembly with an interesting true or false quiz.

Activity assembly

  • From limerick making to a fun video, this St Patrick’s Day assembly will get pupils excited and ready to celebrate.


Talking about St. Patrick

  • Practise organisation and communication skills in a St. Patrick’s themed activity.


  • Encourage saintly spellings with this St. Patrick’s Day themed task reinforcing spelling strategies.

Find the pot of gold

  • Is it really at the end of the rainbow? Fine-tune grid reference skills by finding St. Patrick’s Day themed objects.

Recording the story of St Patrick

  • Use this simple writing frame for pupils to record facts about St. Patrick’s Day.

Remember St Patrick

  • A simple sheet with picture hints to plenarise what pupils have learnt about the day.

St Patrick’s Day science – making green snow!

  • Just in case you haven’t already had enough of wintry weather: make snow and turn it green in this fun experiment.

St. Patrick’s in a flash

  • How much can your pupils remember about St Patrick? Check with these lively flashcards

Fun and Games

Sing for the saint

  • Sing and dance-a-long to this easy to learn St Patrick’s Day song by The Speks.

Riddle me this

  • Fun Irish riddles to keep up the Gaelic theme.

Wish someone a good St. Patrick’s Day

  • A card template for students to give to a loved one.

St Patrick’s Day design a hat

  • Students answer a Paddy’s Day question and design their own festive hat.

Take-away St. Patrick’s story

  • A wonderful memento, pupils can draw and write about all things Gaelic in this folding booklet.