Superheroes teaching resources

superheroes resources

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a collection of free teaching resources! Superheroes are synonymous with strength, bravery, speed and special powers used to save the world and achieve remarkable feats. Batman, Superman, Spiderman and The Hulk are just some of the superheroes who have long captured children’s imaginations. Download these superb free superhero materials and lesson plans shared on TES to explore a range of topics, to look at heroes and encourage your pupils to consider: what really makes a superhero?


Superhero song

Spark your pupils’ imagination with a song about a dream of helping superheroes with their work.

Superhero musical compilation (audio included)

This fun activity includes a song entitled “I am a Superhero” where pupils have to put on certain “magical” clothes. Promotes listening and loud/soft ideas.

Superhero planning (Year 1)

Six week cross curricular SOW on ‘Superheroes’ including ICT, Literacy and Numeracy.

Superhero sports stars

Help your class to understand the skills and attributes of sports people with this superhero activity.

Year 6 superhero Project

A great series of resources for a cross curricular project on superheroes.

Superhero maths activity

With this fun activity, pupils use calculations to find the names of different superheroes.

Superhero adjectives

Posters of adjectives used to describe superheroes. Great for display purposes.


Role models and superheroes

Ask your pupils to think about what makes a role model and what we should aspire to.

Introduction to superheroes

Help your pupils to look at what makes a ‘superhero’ and to design their own with this powerpoint activity. Suitable for KS3.

Superhero character writing

A series of activities to help pupils create their own characters, focusing on the good qualities they show, followed by a story and comic strip.

Walk to School Week: design a superhero/mascot

A lesson plan from Living Streets to help children design a superhero to promote road safety

Superhero project

A great project aimed at SEN intervention groups which can be adapted for individual teachers and pupils.

Make a superhero movie trailer

In this series of lessons, pupils create a short movie trailer and explore how a movie develops from a storyboard to on-screen as well as music and sound effects.