Supporting spelling

A selection of strategies and ideas to help your students improve their spelling. Our range of free resources include lesson plans and worksheets on mnemonics, spelling guides, games and strategies helpful for supporting pupils with dyslexia and moderate learning difficulties.

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Spelling handbook

  • Lots of ideas in one handy place. Highly rated, with something for everyone.


  • Classroom strategies designed to aid dyslexic pupils of all ages with spelling.

LCSWC chart

  • A multi-sensory Look, say, cover, write and check chart that guides learners to approach the spelling of each word from several angles.

Mnemonic posters for spelling

  • Set of colourful A4 poster with mnemonics for common words complete with visual prompts.

Ways of remembering difficult spellings

  • Mnemonic ideas presented in a format suitable for whole group teaching on the IWB.


  • A whole selection of videos to help pupils grasp phonics from MrPhonics

Spelling games and activities

  • Nice selection of different activities: some interactive, others printable. Lots of ideas to try out in your classroom.

Communicating phonics

  • A guide to support teachers delivering the phonics screening test to children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN)from Communication trust.

Seven super spelling strategies

  • Seven colourful posters showing different spelling strategies, complete with visual prompts.

Spelling activities

  • A useful reminder about multi-sensory approaches to teaching/reinforcing spelling.

Pat rimes

  • Simple and straightforward. Lists of rimes to practice phonological awareness.

Fun spelling activities

  • A selection of different activities and ideas. Interactive presentations include the use of music and sound.

Adding ‘ing’ to verbs

  • Simple interactive resource with animations to use in your classroom.

More Dyslexia resources