Sustainability and Green Issues

Green Schools Revolution Week (18-22 March) is the perfect opportunity to focus attention on green and eco issues, and get your pupils thinking about the impact their actions can have on the environment. We’ve got a fantastic range of resources here to help you to teach about sustainability and to plan a week of fun, green activities in your school. Visit the Green Schools Revolution profile for more great resources to help you get involved.


Water Conservation


Fairtrade and Enterprise
Healthy Living

Sustainable Schools

What is an Eco-School?

  • This PowerPoint presentation looks at what it means to be an Eco-School.

Set up a Green Schools committee

  • A Green Schools committee can help you champion green issues in your school.

Sustainable schools

  • This Teachers TV video looks at how you can help make your school more sustainable.



Make a minibeasts motel

  • Encourage minibeasts to take up residence in your school grounds with this fun activity from Green Schools Revolution.

Biodiversity project

  • These resources from FACE Online support the study of biodiversity in a farming environment.

Biodiversity and its importance

  • In this activity from The Prince’s Rainforest Trust, pupils design a poster to explain biodiversity in the rainforest, and why it is an important issue.

Biodiversity and adaptations

  • A set of presentations and worksheets designed to teach the topic of Biodiversity and Adaptations in the marine environment.


Fairtrade and enterprise

  • Bring the Fairtrade story to life with these engaging resources from Green Schools Revolution.

Think fair for trade

  • Reflect on the benefits of fairer trade on the lives of people living thousands of miles away with this assembly from Christian Aid.

Malawi farmers Snakes and Ladders

  • Learn about the experience of small-scale farmers in Malawi with this activity from Oxfam.

Around the world

  • In this lesson from Traidcraft, pupils learn about where different types of food come from and about the difference Fairtrade makes to people around the world.


Recycle reuse SuperStar activity

  • Get pupils making their own recycled paper with this activity from CREST Star Investigators.

Sorting and separating materials

  • Engage your class with this cross-curricular resource to raise awareness of the importance of recycling.

Bottle it – reuse or recycle

  • Help pupils understand the difference between recycling and reusing with these activities from Practical Action.

Recycled sports day

  • Sports day – with a twist! This resource by Send a Cow has lots of ideas for recycled fun.

Water Conservation

Creating the world’s finest drink: clean water

  • Learn more about how we get clean water in this lesson from Green Schools Revolution.

The green classroom

  • A comprehensive resource pack covering lots of the key issues around water usage and conservation.

Ecosmart water conservation

  • These resources from the National Schools Partnershi tackle the serious issue of water conservation in a fun and engaging way.

Water is life

  • Try this PowerPoint for an excellent introduction to water and its importance.


Fairtrade and Enterprise

Fairtrade farmers

  • In this lesson from Green Schools Revolution, your students will learn what Fairtrade means to farmers in developing countries.

Enterprise with ethics

  • This stimulating teaching aid helps to promote ethics within enterprise in schools.

Wake up and smell the coffee

  • Learn how Fairtrade can change lives with this Dragon’s Den style activity from CAFOD.

Social enterprise toolkit

  • Kick-start Global Enterprise Week with this toolkit of ideas for 5-19 year olds.


Make a model wind turbine

  • Discuss the pros and cons of renewable energy with this activity on how to make a model wind turbine.

Energy policy and climate change

  • This video from The Open University looks at why sustainable energy is such an important issue all around Europe.

Alternative energy

  • These resources from BSI Education get students to consider sustainable energy options, and to design an efficient wind turbine.

Sustainable energy

  • This PowerPoint helps to explain sustainable development.


Freshwater enquiries

  • Try these fun challenges as a way of exploring issues around fresh water in a creative way.

Will our water run out?

  • This lesson allows students to understand how water is supplied and consumed in the UK.

From source to tap

  • This video from EuroparlTV looks at the question of who should be in charge of water supply.

Water conservation

  • Highlight the best ways to conserve waters and keep it clean with this this PowerPoint activity.

Healthy Living

BTEC Entry Level

  • These lessons examine what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, and helps pupils understand how they can achieve it.

Healthy eating

  • This lesson aims to develop skills and knowledge of healthy eating and living, and encourages reflection from the students.

Walking and cycling to school

  • An information sheet from Sustrans exploring at the benefits of a more active journey to school.

Healthy living

  • This range of resources from NGfL Cymru looks at nutrition, substance misuse, emotional health and exercise.