Symbol based activities and resources

Our second set of symbol based ideas, including a mixture of Widgit and PCS symbols. Something for everyone here!

Drawing a fairy tale

  • Let your children be the illustrators of these Widgit symbol supported versions of the stories the Three Little Pigs and Cinderella. Widgit_Software

Dinosaur activity book

  • 8 pages with something for everyone: sorting, matching, odd one out and lots of other activities. Uses Widgit symbols. languageisheartosay

Interactive weather chart

  • Colourful PowerPoint for your IWB that uses PCS symbols throughout. Has an integrated clock (analogue and digital) with the current date that updates automatically. bevevans22

Animals, land and sea

The tiger who came to tea flashcards

  • A set of Widgit Symbol supported flashcards to support reading and understanding of the vocabulary in this very popular book. Widgit_Software

Naming the parts of a plant

  • Clear and simple worksheets: ideal for someone covering this topic with pupils who need additional support. Uses Widgit symbols. benpartridge

Boardmaker resources

  • Link to a useful website that has lots of information plus links to Boardmaker resource in the ‘Materials Exchange’ section. Anne-frances royle

ASD mind map

  • Highly recommended mind map, signposting to basic ideas for supporting children with ASD. This resource incorporates Boardmaker and Widgit symbols. georgetimlin

Wanna be a rockstar

How far…?

  • Simple visual sheet or IWB resource for SEN group. Could be used for predicting or testing. Uses Widgit Symbols. gboorman

CVC loop cards

  • CVC loop card activity that uses PCS symbols throughout. bevevans22

Hippo has a hat

  • Cut and stick rhyming match activity that uses Widgit symbols. deb1

Planting a seed

  • Useful resource for your IWB that includes photos and Widgit symbols. benpartridge

Dear zoo collecting game

  • Simple board game with full instructions. Uses PCS symbols throughout. bevevans22

Read, match, sequence

  • Four proposed events illustrated with Widgit and PCS symbols Useful for reading for meaning and discussion.languageisheartosay

People who help us IWB activity

  • Simple game where children have to select who can help the person in the picture. ibuzzybea


  • What minibeasts we might find in our garden and where we might find them. Great to use just before a minibeast hunt! Uses Widgit symbols. benpartridge

Space - reading for meaning

  • Pictures with captions to match. Use to check knowledge and reading for meaning accuracy. Early reading vocabulary and simple sentence construction. Uses Widgit symbols. languageisheartosay


  • A Presentation with interactive elements and a quiz to recap. Used to facilite inclusion in Year 4 but could be useful elsewhere. Includes PCS symbols. bevevans22