Teacher in charge

Teacher in charge

Southport Flexible Learning Centre in Southport


Position Description: Teacher-in-Charge 

Role Title: Teach in Charge

School Network: Southport Flexible Learning Centre, Youth+, Edmund Rice Education Australia

Hours of duty: Full Time commencing 2014 (however earlier start date could be negotiated)

Reports To: FLA Coordinator and Director, Youth+ EREA

Band/Wage Scale: Teachers Award - Queensland Catholic Employing Authority Single Enterprise Collective Agreement Religious Institute Schools of Queensland

Closing Date: 28 October 2013

Reference: SFLC/TIC/1013



Youth+ is an initiative of Edmund Rice Education Australia. Youth+ services including Flexible Learning Centres (FLCs) offer a full-time and multiyear secondary education and social inclusion program for young people who are disenfranchised from mainstream structures. Young people may express a broad range of complex education and social needs and the Youth+ services respond with a variety of flexible andinnovative social inclusion and learning experiences.


Youth + services provide young people with a varied and holistic set of learning experiences supporting them to identify and pursue an individual transition to adulthood, employment, further education and training and social connectedness.


The Southport FLC will be established as a fully registered school during 2014. The service to support and slowly grow a small enrolment of up to 30 young people will commence early 2014. This service will include mobile education and wellbeing support based in the community. Staffing in 2014 will include:


Teacher-in-Charge; Teacher and two youth workers. The program is supported by Youth+ National team members. It is anticipated that following 2014 the enrolment will progressively increase to up to 100 young people with concurrent staffing increase.


Young people include indigenous and non-indigenous young people who are disengaged from mainstream education for a range of reasons and include:


  • Those who have had contact with the juvenile justice system;
  • Those in the care of the Department of Child Safety;
  • Those with a history of trauma;
  • Those with a history of extended periods of unexplained absences;
  • Those who are highly mobile;
  • Those with mental illness or at risk of engaging in self harming behaviours or substance abuse;
  • Those who have been excluded or repeatedly suspended from school;
  • Those who are homeless;
  • Those who are young parents;
  • Those with a generational history of early school leaving;
  • Those with a generational history of unemployment;


See www.youthplus.edu.au - Publications for further information.


Primary Role:


The Teacher-in-charge reports to the FLA Coordinator and Director, Youth+. He/she has delegated responsibility to develop and maintain the education, wellbeing and social inclusion responses of the school program. He or she provides leadership to the workers and the young people, working collaboratively with the FLA Coordinator, Director, Youth+ and Youth+ National Team.


Principles of Operation (Respect, Participation, Safe and Legal, Honesty):


A primary responsibility for this role is to maintain fidelity to Operation by Principle and the best practice guidelines as articulated in the Youth+ Foundation and FLC Occasional Papers (available on the website)


Duties and Responsibilities:

The Teacher-in-charge reports to the FLA Coordinator and Director, Youth+


1. Develop and implement learning choices (curriculum) which support the individual learning plans of each young person


In collaboration with teachers and youth workers - plan and implement an educational program which engages young people and offers a range of learning choices including:


  • Inquiry/project based learning programs
  • Accredited learning opportunities e.g. VET subjects
  • The support of literacy development
  • Embed indigenous cultural perspectives within learning programs
  • Develop individual learning plans in collaboration with young people and youth workers.
  • Support staff in the development and delivery of the learning choices framework as above.


2. Develop and coordinate external support networks


  • Liaise and develop service referral and provision with government and non government agencies at appropriate levels to support health, mental health and wellbeing needs of young people.
  • Support young people to access support services e.g. counseling, health support, community activities.
  • Work collaboratively with the team to support/develop cultural links, community and family connections which support the engagement and connection of young people to learning and the wider community.


3. Participates in program provision to ensure wellbeing in an inclusive learning environment


  • Ensures the School operates within the framework of working within the Principles of Respect, Safe and Legal, Honesty and Participation. This includes modelling and supporting practices within this framework, ensuring common ground operation with young people is consistentlyand genuinely applied.
  • Develop and support processes and practice which empowers the genuine voice of young people in the operation of the school.
  • In collaboration with the Team supports young people in their transition into the school.
  • In collaboration with the Team support young people in developing pathways to transition to the next phase of learning/employment.
  • Collaborates with the team to support a socially inclusive program that responds to the physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and cultural needs of young people. 
  • Participates in the daily routines and activities of the program e.g. morning meetings, lunch, electives, outings, camps.
  • Coordinates and supports access to a range of programs/activities during the school holidays to maintain connections for vulnerable young people.


4. Team participation/multidisciplinary practice


  • Develop and lead a culture of professional supervision
  • Support workers in their professional development through informal and formal processes
  • Leading regular whole team reflective practice sessions including daily staff debrief


5. Professional Development


  • Participates in regular professional supervision meetings with the Bridge Coordinator.
  • Participates in performance review and support processes within Youth+
  • Participates in professional development activities relevant to the program and personal growth in the work


6. Ensures child protection procedures are established and implemented according to policy

In consultation with the Child Protection Coordinator, Youth+:


  • Assist staff to work with practice, policy and procedures relating to child protection
  • In collaboration with the CPC make child protection notifications as required
  • Provide a support service to staff and young people dealing with issues of child protection
  • Provide a referral point for young people to appropriate support services as indicated
  • Maintain registers of child protection issues


7. Administrative Leadership


  • Maintains appropriate records and prepares reports as required.
  • Administer enrolment procedures in accordance with the Enrolment Policy
  • Maintains financial records as required
  • Engage parents, carers and the community, keeping them involved and informed.
  • Participate in selection and recruitment processes for new staff.
  • Support the development of personal learning plans
  • Participates in YP in care compliance meetings
  • Carries out duties and tasks that may be reasonably assigned by the Director from time to time.


To Apply:

Applications should be forwarded to recruitment@ereflc.org.au  by Monday 28 October 2013 and need to include:


  • A response to the selection criteria (listed below)
  • A current resume outlining previous experience and skills (including Teachers Registration details)
  • Two referees (including contact details). Please include a referee from current or most recent place of employment.


Queries for further information should be directed to Michelle Murray at michellemurray@ereflc.org.au  or phone 0448 335 411.


Youth+ supports the rights of children and young people and is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment directed at ensuring their safety and wellbeing. All applicants for these positions will be subject to EREA screening procedures.


Close Date: 28th October 2013


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