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Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre Bridge Programme, Youth Plus


Youth+ is an initiative of Edmund Rice Education Australia. Youth+ services including Flexible Learning Centres (FLCs) offer a full-time and multiyear secondary education and social inclusion program for young people who have disenfranchised from mainstream structures. Young people may express a broad range of complex education and social needs and the Youth+ services respond with a variety of flexible and innovative social inclusion and learning experiences.


Youth + services provide young people with a varied and holistic set of learning experiences supporting them to identify and pursue an individual transition to adulthood, employment, further education and training and social connectedness.


Young people who attend include indigenous and non-indigenous young people who are disengaged from mainstream education for a range of reasons and include:

  • Those who have had contact with the juvenile justice system;
  • Those in the care of the Office of Children and Families;
  • Those with a history of trauma;
  • Those with a history of extended periods of unexplained absences;
  • Those who are highly mobile;
  • Those with mental illness or at risk of engaging in self harming behaviours or substance abuse;
  • Those who have been excluded or repeatedly suspended from school;
  • Those who are homeless;
  • Those who are young parents;
  • Those with a generational history of early school leaving;
  • Those with a generational history of unemploymentThe Bridge Program


The Bridge Program has been working for three years as a pilot project and is being continued in a modified format. The young people who attend the Bridge program have typically experienced significant disengagement from education and social inclusion and have involvement with the departments of Youth Justice and/or Children and Families.


The workers of the Bridge program are based at the local Flexible Learning Centre (FLC) and will have strong working relationships with the FLC staff. The Bridge program work with young people will mostly occur in community locations ie it is not based full time on the FLC site. The Bridge program will work intensively (small group) with young people to get them ready to re-engage in an educational setting which may include but is not restricted to the FLC.


The engagement part of the program will range from 10 to 20 weeks followed by a transition support stage. Specific aspects of the program will include:

  • development of a comprehensive, coordinated case management/ care plan involving parents/carers
  • further diagnostic assessment if indicated
  • health and wellbeing support
  • individual learning plans
  • links to other local Government and non-Government services
  • structured creative, culturally appropriate learning programs eg adventure based, sport, creative arts, music to develop self esteem, personal, interpersonal and life skills
  • support for re-engagement with education or other appropriate options (this could be the FLC however other pathways may be suitable)


See www.youthplus.edu.au - Publications for further information. Please note, as the Youth+ website is currently under development and there-fore not all areas have information entered or finalised.


See attached - Foundation Statement and Strategic Values.



How to apply; 


Please contact Zoe Surawski on either 07 33272238, 0428 967 843 further queries.


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School Details

Youth Plus
70 Kate Street
Indooroopilly QLD, 4068
Phone: (07) 3327 2238
Fax: (07) 3327 2217


Close Date: 23rd August 2013


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