Teacher- Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre Bridge Programme


Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre Bridge Programme


Youth+ is an initiative of Edmund Rice Education Australia. Youth+ services including Flexible Learning Centres (FLCs) offer a full-time and multiyear secondary education and social inclusion program for young people who are disenfranchised from mainstream structures. Young people may express a broad range of complex education and social needs and the Youth+ services respond with a variety of flexible and innovative social inclusion and learning experiences.


Youth + services provide young people with a varied and holistic set of learning experiences supporting them to identify and pursue an individual transition to adulthood, employment, further education and training and social connectedness.


Young people include indigenous and non-indigenous young people who are disengaged from mainstream education for a range of reasons and may include:


  • Young people who have had contact with the juvenile justice system;
  • Young people in the care of the Department of Child Safety;
  • Young people with a history of trauma;
  • Young people with a history of extended periods of unexplained absences from school
  • Young people who are highly mobile;
  • Young people who may have mental health and wellbeing concerns
  • Young people who have been excluded or repeatedly suspended from school;
  • Young people who are school refusers
  • Young people who are homeless;
  • Young people who are young parents;
  • Young people with a generational history of early school leaving and/or unemployment


See www.youthplus.edu.au - Publications for further information.
See attached - Foundation Statement and Strategic Values.


How to apply; 


Please contact Pam Searle on either 0457 511 641 for further queries.


For More Information:


Please Quote “TES Australia” when responding to this ad


Youth Plus
70 Kate Street
Indooroopilly QLD, 4068
Phone: (07) 3327 2238
Fax: (07) 3327 2217


Closing date: 23rd of August 2013


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