Teacher of VCE Mathematics

Teacher of VCE Mathematics

Penola Catholic College, Glenroy


Subject Teachers
Professional and Collegial Conduct and Practices


In exercising their duty of care, subject teachers are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times. The Penola Catholic College Staff Handbook outlines aspects of the professional responsibility of teachers at the College. Whilst particular attention should be drawn to the legal responsibilities of teachers, professional conduct by subject teachers extends in particular to the creation of a culture and environment that is conducive to learning.


In return, all subject teachers are entitled to expect a work environment in which they are respected and where they will be able to carry out their professional duties effectively.


The principal work of the College takes place within the classroom where each teacher has the direct and immediate responsibility for the academic progress of his or her students. Each teacher must work towards assisting each student to reach his/her highest academic potential. As such, it is expected that all students be challenged to achieve the highest academic standards possible at all times. The role of the subject teacher may be divided into five major areas of responsibility; a committed approach to this role will uphold excellent standards of teaching within the College.




It is the professional responsibility of every subject teacher to work in collaboration with other faculty members. A collaborative approach to teaching ensures consistency of content within the classroom, and across classes of the same subject at the same year level and promotes professional dialogue and personal reflection. It also promotes experimentation with new ideas.


Collegial Conduct and Practices entails:


  • Liaising with the appropriate Head of Learning to ensure that the subject teacher covers the correct content within the Key Learning Area, and assesses in a manner consistent with faculty policy.
  • Meeting to work together in level and or subject teams on careful and detailed preparation of courses, units of work, resources, lesson plans, assessment tasks, examinations and test and assessment criteria sheets.
  • Moderation of student work
  • Ensure Heads of Learning are provided with up to date copies of current courses of study and assessment materials
  • Regular attendance at formal and informal meetings of Key Learning Areas. February, 2010. February, 2010.
  • Collegiality may also entail liaising with colleagues in other schools. This is particularly important, for example, where a teacher at the Year 11 or 12 levels is the only teacher within the College teaching a particular subject.




  • It is Penola Catholic College policy to produce curriculum for the differentiated classroom. Therefore subject teachers have the responsibility of being aware of the learning needs and learning style of each student within their classes. They should then adopt varied pedagogical approaches to suit the needs of the students. Opportunities for collaborative pedagogies may also arise, for example, team teaching in Physical Education.


Use of Preparation Time


  • The specific purpose of preparation time is to prepare lessons. Small or large team planning during this time is highly encouraged where possible.
  • It is also a professional expectation of teachers that preparation and other school work may need to be carried out after - hours during the teacher’s own private time.


Professional Development


  • Teachers have the prime responsibility of maintaining personal professional competency in their subject area by participating in professional development activities, seeking further qualifications and by professional reading. (Refer also to the Professional Development Policy)




It is the responsibility of the subject teacher:

  • To be well-prepared for class
  • To be punctual to class
  • To maintain authority by establishing and upholding standards of appropriate classroom behaviour and adherence to College policies e.g. dress code, punctuality, attendance etc.
  • To maintain classrooms which are orderly, conducive to learning and clean
  • To ensure that students have a clear understanding of the goals of each unit of work and in particular, of what and how much work they will be required to complete, the required quality of that work and the completion date for the work.
  • To ensure that students have a clear understanding of the guidelines on the late submission of work.
  • To maintain accurate and comprehensive records of student performance.
  • To maintain open channels of communication with parents and other relevant staff members on student progress, work practices and behaviour
  • To prepare progress and subject reports that are comprehensive and objective by the specified completion date.
  • To maintain accurate subject rolls which are marked at the beginning of each lesson.


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