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Primary Lesson Ideas - Art

Teachers demonstrate and discuss their most inspirational lessons in this collection of videos for KS2 Art.

Covering a variety of Art topics, they give tips and advice for delivering the lessons yourself.

Primary Arts - Scrap Art

  • Teachers at two schools in Blackburn demonstrate three great lesson ideas using scrap and recycled materials.

KS1 Art - Indian Block Printing

  • A KS1 art lesson explaining the techniques of Indian block printing.

KS1 Art - Peacock Masks

  • Artist Zoe Carter-Beedie demonstrates how to make 3D peacock masks, in this video for KS1 art lessons.

KS1 Art - Pop-up Puppets

  • This video for KS1 art lessons features teacher Emma Myers showing her class how to make pop-up puppets.

Primary Art - Through the Hedge

  • Lisa Craig from Waycroft Primary in Bristol demonstrates a KS2 art lesson called ‘Through the Hedge’.

Primary Art - Abstract Art - My Journey

  • Zoe Sharples takes her keys stage 2 children on an abstract art journey.

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