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Primary English Great Lesson Ideas

Teachers demonstrate and discuss their most inspirational lessons in this collection of videos for KS2 English.

Covering a variety of English topics, they give tips and advice for delivering the lessons yourself.


Literacy - Character Detectives

  • A teacher demonstrates how to teach Key Stage 2 pupils about literacy and characterisation.

Literacy - Radio Broadcasts

  • A Key Stage 2 class write and record their own radio broadcasts as part of their oral rehearsal of a non-fiction recount.

Literacy - Using Archive Film

  • A teacher uses archive film in her English and media lessons to explore the structure of narrative, character and setting, and to develop Key Stage 2 pupils’ understanding of film language, in this primary lesson idea.

Speaking and Listening

Primary English - Speaking and Listening Activities

  • Three ready-to-use lesson ideas for good speaking and listening in Key Stages 1 and 2.

Reading Skills

Primary English - Reading Community

  • Three teachers share their great lesson ideas to engage and motivate their pupils in reading at KS2.

Writing Skills

Primary English - Writing Activities

  • Three teachers show a variety of great lesson ideas to help pupils’ writing skills.

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