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Lesson Starters - Non-Fiction Writing

These videos can be used as starting points to inspire non-fiction writing with your class.

Aimed at KS2 pupils, this collection of lesson starters covers a range of topics including report writing and recount.

Writing Opinions

Primary Writing Starters - It’s Unfair

  • Children talk about their own experiences at home and school, before progressing to more serious issues.


Primary Writing Starters - 9/11 New York

  • This unique KS2 English lesson starter focuses on pupils’ written and spoken responses to the events surrounding 9/11 in New York.

Different Writing Styles: Fires Out of Control

  • This KS2 literacy stimulus raises the topic of fire to stimulate discussion and writing activities among pupils.

Instructional writing

Literacy - How to Make Tea

  • This short video offers a model of how to give good instructions.


Literacy - Stop! Thief!

  • Three characters all mysteriouly lose something in this resource to stimulate writing a non-fiction recount.

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