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Lesson Starters - Story development

This collection of KS2 video lesson starters can be used as a starting point to help pupils develop their creative writing by looking at structure, character and different writing styles.

Structure and Narrative

Literacy - Rescued by Rover

  • This resource uses archive black and white footage, to help pupils understand structure and narrative.

Literacy - That Fatal Sneeze

  • Help Key Stage 2 pupils understand structure and narrative with this lesson starter for English lessons which uses archive black and white footage.

Character Development

Literacy - Character Glimpses

  • A KS2 lesson starter on characterisation in literacy which presents six characters that loosely associated with welll known story types.

Literacy - Character Viewpoints

  • This KS2 lesson starter looks at characterisation using the well known story of Cinderella.

Personal Writing: Buffet Steward

  • This funny character description can be used to inspire some work on descriptive writing.

Personal Writing: Two Sides of Jane

  • A short film about a woman with two very distinct personalities, which KS2 pupils can use as a starting point for descriptive writing.

Writing Styles

KS2 Fire

  • Six video clips which are designed for teachers to use with primary pupils to enhance a wide range of writing activities.

Different Writing Styles: Fire Walking

  • Reveal the science behind walking on fire with this short video which gives a starting point for KS2 creative writing.

Different Writing Styles: Fireworks

  • Six different types of fireworks provide an excellent starting point a range of creative writing activities.

Different Writing Styles: Wood Fired Oven

  • Inspire creative writing in a Key Stage 2 class with this short video about a traditional pizza-making restaurant.

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