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Lesson Starters - Storytelling

Use classic stories and well-known tales from different cultures to inspire creative writing with your pupils.

This collection of videos can be used as lesson starters for both KS1 and KS2 classes.

Classic Stories

Primary Writing Starters - The Railway Children

  • An extract from this classic family story provides an opportunity for KS2 children to write their own dramatic story about bravery.

Storytelling: Red Riding Hood

  • Red Riding Hood is delightfully retold by puppeteer Stephen Novy using hand puppets.

Contemporary Stories

Primary Writing Starters - Double Act

  • An extract from Jacqueline Wilson’s Double Act provides writing opportunities for KS2 English pupils.

Primary Writing Starters - Lily & Ermine

  • This animation, told simply through pictures, provides an opportunity for imaginative and descriptive writing.

Stories from other cultures

KS1 Story Starts

  • Five short video clips designed for teachers to use with primary pupils in order to stimulate their imagination and support story writing.

Storytelling: Miserly Farmer

  • This Punjabi story offers the first couple of minutes of a traditional story performed with shadow puppets.

Storytelling: Key in the Sea

  • This simple but dramatic story is performed using table top puppets.The characters and story are set up for the audience to add their own version or take the story as performed on to its conclusion.

Storytelling: Raja’s Secret

  • This Punjabi story offers the first couple of minutes of a traditional story performed with shadow puppets.The story sets up the basic plot, introduces the main characters and leaves the audience at a point where they have to guess what happens next.

Storytelling: Aladdin

  • This well known traditional story from Morocco is performed with glove and rod puppets.

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