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Primary History Lesson Starters - Post-War Immigration

This collection of Teachers TV videos are to be used to teach about post-war immigration to KS2 History classes.

The resources can be used as starters to stimulate debate surrounding the various topics.

Post-War Britain - Immigration

  • Four lesson starters explore different aspects of immigration to Britain since 1945, including racism, religion and changing communities.

Post-War Britain: Immigration - Race Relations

  • A lesson starter video clip in which Jamaican immigrant Roy Hackett talks about racism in Britain in the 1960s.

Post-War Britain: Immigration - New Neighbours

  • A video clip perfect for use as a lesson starter exploring how immigration has changed the face of one neighbourhood in Bristol.

Post-War Britain: Immigration - Changing Churches

  • A lesson starter clip exploring how immigration has affected religion in Britain.

Post-War Britain: Immigration - The Immigrant’s Story

  • A lesson starter video clip dramatising one immigrant boy’s experience of being raided by the police during the night.

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