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Primary Lesson Starters - the Victorians

Use this collection of KS2 History resources when teaching your class about The Victorians.

The videos are presented in easy to use short clips, and can be used as starting points for discussion and further work.

Victorian Life

The Victorians

  • Five lesson starters each using dramatic reconstruction to explore different aspects of life in Victorian Britain.

Victorian Street: Ironbridge

  • Children visit an authentic reconstruction of a Victorian town, in this short video made for use in primary history.

The Victorians - The Workhouse

  • A lesson starter clip introducing the concept of the Victorian workhouse and conditions inside.

Victorian Schools

Victorian School: Ironbridge

  • A group of children receive a lesson from a Victorian teacher.

The Victorians - The School Room

  • A lesson starter clip dramatising four children’s experience of a Victorian-era school lesson.

Victorian Industry

The Victorians - The Great Exhibition 1851

  • A short clip ideal for use as a lesson starter, introducing the Great Exhibition of 1851 and some of the exhibits.

The Victorians - Brunel’s SS Great Britain

  • Introducing engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his SS Great Britain - the world’s first iron sailing ship.

Florence Nightingale

The Victorians - Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War

  • Introducing Florence Nightingale and her role in establishing modern nursing practices.

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