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Primary Languages Great Lesson Ideas

Teachers demonstrate and discuss their most inspirational lessons in this collection of videos for KS2 Languages.

Covering a variety of language topics, they give tips and advice for delivering the lessons yourself.

KS2 MFL - Birthday Presents

  • Using a birthday party game of pass-the-parcel in a KS2 modern languages lesson helps Year 3 pupils build their vocabulary and discover a fun way to learn French.

KS2 MFL - Story Activities

  • See how a Year 3 teachers uses a familiar children’s story to help her pupils improve their French modern language literacy skills, in an innovative lesson idea for Key Stage 2.

KS2 MFL - Making a Cake

  • A Year 4 teacher helps her pupils develop their French modern language skills through an engaging lesson where the Key Stage 2 pupils make chocolate cakes.

KS2 MFL - Weather Vocabulary

  • A fun, interactive Key Stage 2 MFL lesson idea for learning French weather vocabulary with a Year 4 class.

KS2 MFL - A Nationality Song

  • This Key Stage 2 modern languages lesson idea shows how to teach French masculine, feminine and plural words to a Year 4 class, using a song and national flags.

KS2 MFL - Role-play Games

  • This MFL KS2 great lesson idea for a Year 5 class, uses speaking and listening games to teach French.

KS2 MFL - Reading and Writing Games

  • A variety of reading and writing games for teaching MFL to a Year 5 class learning French, are great lesson ideas.

KS2 MFL - Football Fun

  • Using football as a theme, this lesson idea for Year 6 MFL pupils is designed to help the teaching and learning of French vocabulary, in a fun and engaging way.

KS2 MFL - Story Writing

  • How one teacher incorporates storytelling and writing into her KS2 MFL lesson, using the story to reinforce the teaching and learning of French vocabulary, in this modern languages pedagogy resource

Primary French

  • Four great lesson ideas for teaching French to your KS2 classes, which work even if you aren’t a confident linguist. Why not try ‘Jacques a dit’ (‘Simon Says’), or a bit of dancing?

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