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Lesson Starters - Primary French

This collection of lesson starters are for KS2 French lessons.

The videos cover a range of topics, giving pupils an insight into French life. They can be used to introduce a new topic, or to revise learning of vocabulary.

Various topics

Playground Games, Let’s Go, Pocket Money

  • Short dramatised clips feature native French-speaking children, presenting scenarios to use in the classroom.

Healthy Eating, Let’s Start a Café, Portraits

  • Lesson starters featuring French-speaking children.

Countries and Cultures

Primary French - Bienvenue en Martinique! 1

  • French-speaking children engaging in a range of different activities in and out of school.

Primary French - Bienvenue en Martinique! 2

  • Short videos filmed in Martinique, to be used as lesson starters for primary French learners.

Primary French - Le Carnaval en Martinique

  • It’s carnival time in Martinique, and celebrations are in full swing at École Plateau Didier in Fort de France.

Primary French - La parade des métiers d’avant

  • This clip focuses on some of the traditional occupations represented in a special parade as part of the carnival celebrations at École Plateau Didier, Martinique.

Likes and Dislikes

Primary French - Qu’est-ce que tu préfères?

  • A series of vox pops featuring pupils from École Plateau Didier in Martinique, discussing a range of topics such as food, weather, sport and music.

Primary French - L’avenir et moi

  • What would you like to be when you grow up? This is the theme of this short series of presentations by pupils from École Plateau Didier in Fort de France, Martinique.


Primary French - La musique et les instruments

  • In Martinique, music is an important part of the culture, and in this lesson starter Maya and her friends talk about the instruments they play and the music they like.

Games and Songs

Primary French - ‘Papyon volé’ - une chanson du Carnaval

  • It’s carnival time in Martinique! Sing along with Maya and her friends as they perform ‘Papyon Volé’, a traditional Creole carnival song.

Primary French - Deux jeux de mains

  • Arnaud introduces two typical clapping games that are often played during breaktime: ‘A la sortie du lycée’ and ‘Une motocyclette’.


Primary French - Le chemin de l’école

  • Mathis and his friend Jeremie live in Fort de France, Martinique. Every day they walk to school - and this is the route that they take.

Primary French - Une chasse au trésor

  • Follow Mathis and friends as they take part in a treasure hunt around the school, searching for clues and hidden treasure!


Primary French - Voici mon école

  • 10-year-old Arnaud takes us on a tour of his school, École Plateau Didier in Fort de France, Martinique.

Places - Then and Now

Primary French - Voici ma ville

  • Pupils from École Plateau Didier take us on a tour of Martinique’s capital, Fort de France.

Primary French - Mathis et son grandpère

  • 8-year-old Mathis interviews his grandfather about life when he was young boy growing up in Fort de France, Martinique.

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