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Lesson Starters - Primary Spanish

This collection of lesson starters are for KS2 Spanish lessons.

The videos cover a range of topics, giving pupils an insight into life in a Spanish speaking country. They can be used to introduce a new topic, or to revise learning of vocabulary.


Primary Spanish - iBienvenido a Mexico! 1

  • Filmed on location in Cosoleacaque in southern Veracruz State, Mexico, the programme features native Spanish-speaking children presenting and engaging in a range of different activities in and out of school.

Primary Spanish - iBienvenido a Mexico! 2

  • A second collection of five short videos filmed in Mexico, to be used as lesson starters for primary Spanish learners.

Countries and Cultures

Primary Spanish - La cultura folclórica de Veracruz

  • 12-year-old Ingrid presents this clip on the typical costumes and instruments that are central to the folkloric tradition of Son Jarocho in Veracruz.

Games and songs

Primary Spanish - El Colás - Una canción tradicional

  • A performance of the traditional song El Colás by children from Escuela Primaria 22 de Septiembre 1972.

Primary Spanish - Cómo hacer una piñata

  • Román and friends demonstrate how to make a piñata in five easy steps.


Primary Spanish - El camino de la escuela

  • Kiabet lives in Cosoleacaque, Veracruz in Mexico. Every day he walks to school with his mother, sister and brother. This is the route he takes.

The Four Seasons

Primary Spanish - Las cuatro estaciones

  • In this clip, Ulysses introduces the four seasons as they’re known in Mexico, and talks about the weather associated with them using models created by his school friends.

Using Past Tense

Primary Spanish - ¿Qué hice ayer?

  • Join presenter Alejandro and two teams of boys and girls playing a game of charades in which they act out what they did yesterday.


Primary Spanish - Aquí está mi escuela

  • Edgardo takes us on a tour of his school, Escuela Primaria 22 de Septiembre 1972, located on the outskirts of Cosoleacaque, Veracruz.

Places - Then and Now

Primary Spanish - Un recorrido de mi ciudad, Cosoleacaque

  • 10-year-old Paula takes us on a tour of the city of Cosoleacaque, Veracruz, and talks about the features that she likes most.

Primary Spanish - El pasado y el presente

  • Jose Carlos interviews the owner of a local shop in Cosoleacaque, Veracruz about what life was like when she was young.

In the News

Primary Spanish - ¿Qué noticias hay?

  • A magazine show presented by Toni from the playground ‘studio’ of Escuela Primaria 22 de Septiembre 1972, featuring special reports about music, sport and the weather.

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