Teachers TV video collection - Primary Maths - Applying number and problem solving

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Lesson Starters - Applying number and Problem Solving

This collection of KS2 Maths lesson starters will help test your pupils’ problem solving skills.

The videos use every day situations to get your class thinking about number and simple algebra.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving and Other Topics

  • This video presents eight dramatised Maths problems for use on the interactive whiteboard.

Problem-Solving - Football Problems

  • This video gets pupils to use their number skills in order to solve a problem with a football team.

Problem-Solving - Is It a Bargain?

  • Is it a good deal, or is it a con? This KS2 lesson starter will get your class thinking.


Algebra in Action

  • Bartering is used as a way in to simple algebra, for KS2 Maths.

Algebra - What’s the Pattern?

  • Pupils are asked to spot the pattern as more and more chairs and tables are added for a party.

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