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Lesson Starters - Counting and Calculating

Use this collection of KS2 lesson starters to get your class thinking about multiplication and division, and to enable them to solve a variety of Maths problems.

Counting and Calculating

Division, Volume and Other Topics

  • Each of these lesson starters feature a dramatised situation which presents a Maths problem.

Multiplication and Division

Multiplication: Piggy Buys Apples

  • A short clip which poses a mathematical problem on multiplication.

Multiplication and Division: Sharing Puppy Food

  • A real-life Maths problem focuses on division and can be used as a lesson starter in KS2 maths.

Multiplication and Division: Seats on a Train

  • A multiplication problem which can be used as a lesson starter in KS2 Maths

Division: Loading Up the Getaway Car

  • A short clip, ideal for use as a lesson starter in KS2 Maths, particularly with a Year 6 class, which poses a maths problem on division.

Division: Dice Factory

  • A clip featuring a real-life context for division. Ideal for use as a lesson starter in KS2 Maths and is especially suitable for use with Year 6.

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