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Primary Maths Lesson Ideas

Teachers demonstrate and discuss their most inspirational lessons in this collection of videos for KS2 Maths.

Covering a variety of Maths topics, they give tips and advice for delivering the lessons yourself.

Number and Calculation

Primary Maths - Calculation

  • Great lesson ideas for primary maths, involving maths games with dice and codes. The teachers demonstrate why the activities work and how best to do them.

Primary Maths - Numbers

  • Great lesson ideas about number, using factor bugs, a counting stick and by making last digit clock patterns.

Shape, Space and Measures

Primary Maths - Shape and Space

  • Three great maths lesson ideas about shape and space - experimenting with elastic shapes, going on a shape hunt, and turning 2D into 3D shap

Primary Maths - Measures

  • Great lesson ideas about measures - children have to estimate the volume of puddles, make muffins and concoct magic potions!


Fraction Wall

  • This great lesson idea, aimed at key stage 2 maths, is designed to help pupils understand that fractions are different parts of a whole.


Chessboard Algebra

  • This great lesson idea on KS2 Algebra, gets pupils to look for patterns, when working out how many squares there are in different sized chessboards.

Problem Solving

Problem-Solving Language

  • This great lesson idea, aimed at key stage 2 maths, gets pupils to develop their understanding problem-solving language using a sorting activity.

Handling Data

Primary Maths - Data Handling

  • Featuring human graphs, taking part in Olympic Maths, and estimating time passing from inside a Tardis.

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