Teachers TV video collection - Secondary Geography - Weather and climate

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Secondary Lesson Starters - Geography: Weather and Climate

This collection of Teachers TV videos can be used to teach about weather and climate to KS3 or KS4 classes.

The resources can be used to stimulate debate surrounding the various topics.

Today’s Forecast

  • Take a journey across the UK from the east to west coast to discover how the day-to-day weather affects people’s lives and occupations.

The Great Storm

  • The story of the Great Storm of 1987 as told from the perspective of the weather depression that caused it, and the people who experienced its devastation at first hand.

Degrees of Change

  • Scientists predict temperatures may rise as many as six degrees as a result of climate change, but what would the impact be on the UK?


  • Five lesson starter clips on Antarctica.The possible futures of Antarctica are explored as we look at the potential threats to this pristine continent.

Secondary Geography Lesson Ideas

  • Ideas on how to use these resources


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