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A variety of Maths problems and topics are looked at in this series for KS4 Maths Students.

Working with Formulae

  • Fran manipulates different speed/time/distance formulae to convince Dave that take-off and landing in a small plane is safe.

Areas of Circles and Composite Shapes

  • Dave works out how much it will cost to tile a bathroom, a job that is made more complicated as the owner keeps changing the shape of the mirror she wants on the wall.


  • A local dance school has a problem - it wants to enlarge the logo on their t-shirts. Dave heads off with tutu and ruler in hand to see if he can help.

Straight-Line Graphs

  • Using straight-line graphs, Fran compares mobile phone contracts. Is an 18-month contract with free phone better than Dave’s pay-as-you-go deal?

Distance/Time Graphs

  • Fran sends Dave off to a sports centre to create some distance/time data. Fran then plots his distance/time graphs to see how fit Dave really is.

Volume of 3-Dimensional Shapes

  • Fran sends Dave off to find her a fish tank. The tank has to be big enough for the fish, so Dave has to work out the volumes of differently shaped tanks.

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